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  • Tech Skills That Every Employee Should Have In The Modern Workplace

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    Every employer will now look at your computer skills when deciding whether to bring you on board as part of their team. While you do not have to be an expert in modern technology, a few mandatory computer skills are now required in the workplace. You will have picked up most of this knowledge during your everyday activities; however, a few areas may come as a surprise. With that said, let’s investigate all the tech skills that every employee should have in the modern workplace.


    Word Processing

    Being able to type up documents is the most basic computer skill, one that you have probably been using for years. Pen and paper documents went extinct nearly thirty years ago. Now, every job will require you to type up your documents on a computer using Microsoft word. This process ensures that documents last longer, and the software even comes with a spellchecker so you can avoid any little mistakes. Almost all new computers come with a word processor already installed, so make sure you practice these skills if you haven’t used this software before.


    While it’s important that you understand how to use Microsoft Word, you also need to remember that the words you put in will affect the success of your piece. This is particularly true when writing for the internet. If you’re looking to create search engine optimized content, then you need to use tools alongside Word. Providers such as Notifier can help you to find the right keywords and stay up to date with the latest SEO news.


    Video Calling

    Communication is very different in today’s workplace than it was five years ago. Modern computers are often built with a webcam already installed, and video call software has progressed to the point where you can talk to someone on the other side of the globe without issue.


    This progress has resulted in a rise in remote working in recent years; however, your ability to work in this type of environment hinges entirely on your video calling skills. It is worth getting used to this type of technology so that you can put this skill on your resume in the future.



    Code is the language that computers use to run their everyday functions. Computer coding is a specialized skill that is taught at the university level; however, it does help to teach yourself a few simple commands to separate yourself from other candidates on the job market.


    Anyone that struggles with this concept can breathe a sigh of relief, though, as there are now no-code tools available to help you perform mandatory functions without knowing how to write code. No-code tools allow you to undertake technical tasks and achieve goals you wouldn’t be able to in the simplest way possible. Just look at Pulpstream’s blog to find out how this process works.


    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Timing is everything when it comes to running a successful business. Therefore, employers will look to hire a candidate that can work as efficiently as possible. One way to improve your productivity in the workplace is by brushing up on your keyboard shortcuts.


    These shortcuts allow you to perform common tasks at the push of a button, such as copy and paste, rather than fiddling with these functions on the mouse. Most of these functions are well known, and you can easily find a list of keyboard shortcuts online if you want to learn more.


    Cloud Storage

    The modern world moved on very quickly from physical USB storage to online storage. The old methods of storage were very fallible, especially since they were getting increasingly smaller in size. You have probably heard all sorts of stories about people missing key deadlines because they have lost their USB stick.


    Fortunately, cloud-based storage has removed this problem while also encrypting company information to protect it from fraud. However, this does mean that modern employees will need to have a working knowledge of how the cloud works.


    It isn’t a difficult skill to pick up. The hardest part of learning about this type of online storage is knowing how to navigate key systems like Dropbox. Once you have learned where everything is kept you should be fine.


    Trouble Shooting

    A computer is a complex mix of programs and functions, so much so that it is easy for the device to make a miscalculation and stop working. This can happen in several different ways, and it is now the role of the employee to know how to fix these everyday issues. That is where troubleshooting comes in.


    A troubleshooter acts as the computer’s help menu. You will need to know where this menu is found on your device and be able to follow the instructions to restore your computer to working order. Most of the technical processes are performed by the computer itself and there are usually trained I.T staff available to help in modern workplaces. However, you can save a lot of time by learning how to fix small problems.



    As we move further into the digital age, you are going to need to broaden your knowledge of computer systems. You don’t have to change your entire career path to accommodate this knowledge, just get to grips with some of the skills mentioned above.


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