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    Test factors can be defined as the categories which can affect the components of the project.In others words we can say, for desighning the test cases the following factors are considered:

    1.Correctness: Correctness is the minimum requirement of the software, the essential purpose of testing.In this, we check for the functionality of the component.
    Lets say the example of Fan:
    *Start rotating when you switch ON the fan.It should stop when you switch OFF the fan.
    *It should blow air.
    *It should rotate clockwise direction.

    2.Negative: Negative factor are abnormal behaviour & it should always fail.If it is pass, it is a bug.

    *Fan should fall from the roof.
    *It should give a shock, if we touch it.

    3.Integration(Relationship): Integration included with the internal components where we check for relationship between the components.

    For eg: *Switch & Fan is integrated.
    *Switch wires & Fan is integrated.
    *Rode & central portion of fan is integrated.

    4.Usability: In the usability factor we are concern about the user friendliness of the component.

    For eg:
    *Arrow mark should be clear on the regulator.
    *It should be handy.

    5.Userinterface: In this factor, we cover the size, shape & color of the component. For eg:
    *Color of fan should be black
    *Shape should be medium circular.
    *Size should be medium.

    6.Performance: Performance is the one where we can check the response time & accuracy of the component.

    For eg:
    *Cyclic rotation is per second for the fan should be same.
    *It should not heatup.
    *It should not produce the sound while running the fan.

    7.Compatibility: It is part of non functional tests,is testing conducted on the application to evaluate the application's compatibility with the computing environment.Computing environment may contain some elements:
    *Operating system
    *Browser compatibility.
    *Different company condensers can be used.
    *The same fan can be used in different way as table fan & as ceiling fan.

    8.Security:This factor is not applicable for the physical object. It is applicable only & only for component present in web application & window application.Security means protects data & maintains functionality. Six basic security concepts that need to covered by security testing are:


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