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  • The Top Tech Trade Shows in the World

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    If there is one industry that sees multiple new innovations, that would be the technology sector. Every day new solutions, devices, and services are created to deal with different emerging issues. Tech trade shows are the blood of the tech industry. They are where people gather to check out new products, exchange ideas and network.


    Nevada plays host to several such shows each summer. Countless companies from around the globe use top exhibition furniture rental services in Las Vegas to set up booths for showcasing their wares. 




    For tech shows enthusiasts who love being in the know, here are the top tech shows in the world.



    The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a 50-year-old tech show that is held every year in various cities in January. The first-ever CES was held in 1967 in New York, and it attracted over 250 exhibitors and 17,500 people. It has grown by huge leaps and bounds since then to a global movement.


    In 2019, CES played host to over 4,400 exhibitors, 307 Fortune 500 companies, and 175,000 individuals. Out of the 175000 attendees, about 60,000 were from other countries. CES provides a platform for innovators to showcase their breakthrough technologies to investors and consumers. It has been the birthplace of some of the most astounding tech solutions.


    Tech Connect Live

    Every year, the city of Dublin comes alive with swathes of tech experts who flood the city to attend Tech Connect Live. The event is the biggest annual exhibition of technological companies and businesses in Ireland. Partly sponsored by Ibec, the event plays host to 5,000 businessmen, entrepreneurs, and tech professionals from across the globe.


    The purpose of connecting all these people is to give them an opportunity to learn from each other. It is an avenue for investors to fund projects that show potential as well as the unveiling of new technologies.

    Tech Connect Live is free for anyone interested, and the next one is going to be held on the 11th of November 2020.


    Women of Silicon Roundabout

    The event is held in London in the middle of the year, and it is the UK version of the famous America’s Silicon Valley. As implied by the name, the event centers around women in tech and their role in pushing London into a technological hub. 


    Women of Silicon Roundabout is more than just women in tech. It is a platform that celebrates women who are behind the technological success in their own countries. It equips participants with the education, the skills, and the connections to drive the next big innovations.


    Every year they prepare an impressive lineup of women speakers drawn from various sectors and countries. By sharing their stories, they are able to pass down important lessons that end up transforming the tech world.



    Held in Florida in February, ITEXPO is the world's premier office technology trade show. The show has been in existence for about 21 years now and it is still going strong. In 2017 it played host to over 6,500 delegates who came to try out the latest office technologies.


    Every annual ITEXPO has a unique theme that becomes the center of discussions and talks. The themes usually involve the common problems that offices face to give room for people to air potential solutions. Some of the themes from past events include cybercrime, cloud technology, and digital marketing, among others.


    In 2019, ITEXPO saw a combined buying power of over $8m within the attendees for IT products and services. That’s a lot of firepower and the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to find investors for their next big solutions.



    Another tech event that has a checkered past. Started 37 years ago, Gitex is a week-long event that is held in Dubai. Every year Gitex opens its doors to more attendees and exhibitors than the year before, proof of their growth. Gitex has over 17 tech focus areas that range from smart cities, IoT, robotics, and augmented reality.


    The event connects business people to talented tech experts in need of investment for a wide range of solutions and services. Gitex is where innovators go with their small startups and walk out with enough capital to become the next big game-changers. Multi-million dollar deals are closed every year; it can rightly be considered a tech heaven for young innovators.


    IBM Think

    An IBM run show, Think is a technology and software conference that hosts people from across the globe every year. Thousands of partners, investors, and clients gather in San Francisco in May to connect and learn about new tech.


    There is a lot of training that goes on during the conference to ensure everyone walks away with something vital. A lot of booths get set up by different businesses and brands in an attempt to get new clients and push new products.


    Some of the products and services on display at IBM Think include security software, IT infrastructure, mobile technology, and software development. The event also furnishes creators with platforms to stage trials of their products, software, or services.


    Cisco Live

    Cisco Live is held every year in Las Vegas. It is where businesses meet with their consumers to foster their relationships and exchange feedback. The event also provides technical education to attendees through meetings and networking forums. 


    Tech professionals also get to unveil all the new technology they have created to investors and consumers alike. Every annual event gets a topic that becomes the central theme for the year. The themes usually range from security, programmability, automation, networking, and other tech solutions. Cisco Live is held around May and June.



    Tech shows are the backbone of the tech world. There is a whole industry that has been born to manage and handle technology trade shows and fairs. Every serious tech professional worth his name has to make it a mission to attend as many of them as they can. It is where ideas are brought to life.

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