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  • Tips for Finding Reputable Independent Contractors to Work on Your Business Projects

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    Due to the fact that companies can find workers to work for them globally on a remote level, independent contractors are becoming more in demand. First and foremost, globalization has helped company owners to find the specific types of workers with specialized skill sets that they require. Whether a project is related to translation, graphic design, or web development, there are thousands of people who can do the job, have the availability to complete it on time, and have maintained a good professional reputation. So, how do business owners get these kinds of independent contractors to get matched up with their projects? One option would be to work with staffing agencies. Other company owners use freelancing job boards exclusively. Here are the best tips for getting the best independent contractors for your projects.


    Be Able to Describe All Projects and Tasks Thoroughly

    Whether a company is looking for a new long-term full-time employee or for independent contractors to work on a short-term project, job descriptions are invaluable. Just as you should only consider professional job prospects who follow directions and have impressive credentials, professional independent contractors only consider projects that have an adequate amount of details. Sometimes an independent contractor can review over 100 projects in a single day. There is only a small number of them they would bother to submit a bid for. So, include project details and task descriptions that are brief and to the point yet adequately described. Present multiple ways for independent contractors to get in contact with your company or to submit a proposal.


    Work with Contractors Who have Portfolios and Testimonials

    The other most important way that business owners can help to differentiate between solid bids and bids that fall short of their knees is to look over the previous work of bidding independent contractors. If you are hoping to have a mobile game-related project completed in short order and you need contractors who can render 3D graphics, look at their portfolios to see what they have produced in the past. Additionally, checking for testimonials and reviews can also help you to pick out the most suitable candidates.


    Always Pair More Than One Contractor with Each Project

    A project might run independently and never officially wrap-up and then other projects might only run for a day or two. If your business can benefit from you hiring independent contractors then you should think about how the work will be divvied up. Instead of picking a single independent contractor to work on each individual project, hire out a couple of them. Kanban software are great for tracking and checking up on collaborative projects. You can also use Kanban tools to help you confirm invoicing and billing details provided by each participant. With Kanban, you can keep complex projects with many participants on track whether you have a team right in the office with you or a global team of independent contractors working together. Kanbanize is a great example of Kanban tools with a stellar reputation.


    Meet Up with Your Contractors at Critical Milestones

    One of the advantages of working remotely with independent contractors is that you don’t really have to do a lot of monitoring. Sure, you might make calls from time to time just to see how a project is going out of curiosity, but there are real-time project tracking tools that actually do a better job of daily monitoring. As the same time, prudent business operators still have agreed upon meeting points in which they get more detailed updates from independent contractors. After a project is perhaps 25, 50 or 75 percent complete, many business owners setup business conferences to formally share and exchange information related to milestones. It would be during one of these meetings that an independent contractor would release highly anticipated data pertaining to metrics. A new product design could be unveiled after a contractor has had several weeks to take their client’s criticisms into account. Always meet up with independent contractors at pre-determined milestones.


    Prepare to Compensate Independent Contractors Fairly

    While businesses always want to mitigate costs, receive discounts, and even find workers who demand the least in compensation, quality must also be considered. A company that offers you the lowest quote to come in and clean your offices might not offer the best services. With independent contractors, there is a lot more at risk. You should absolutely be prepared to compensate any contractor that works with you fairly. Going with independent contractors that promise the lowest quotes almost guarantees that you will get inferior results. Sure, sometimes a business can luck up and get to work with an independent contractor who does not yet know their true worth but said partnership would be short-lived at best.


    Consider Having an Extended Interview Process

    Before bringing in a new contractor onto one of your projects, there has to be first an interview process and then a formal debriefing. While you are interviewing, you are getting to weigh your options. You can ask questions, request references, and even test prospective contractors. You get to take your time and make a smart decision in a non-rushed manner. So always prepare for interviews to be an extended process. Don’t even begin considering contractors until you have received the very last proposal. Always let contractors know that a final decision won’t be made immediately. If you do that and offer fair compensation, anyone that bids will know that you are a client to be taken seriously.


    Remember that every professional and competent independent contractor was once a newbie. Some contractors might not be as knowledgeable about the industry quite yet or even lack the secondary qualities that you are seeking. Look at the ‘meat and potatoes’ of what each independent contractor brings to the table. If you are hoping to find a few contractors that will work with you on multiple contracts, you will need to forge a cooperative relationship. What you can help these independent contractors do for their careers is just as important as what they will be prepared to do for your business.

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