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  • Top 10 SEO and Content Apps That Are Vital For Bloggers & Marketers

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     editors using apps


    Synopsis: If you think blogging is easy, you have to think again. Blogging is a process that involves coming up with good topics to write about and optimizing your content, among others. But with the help of some tools, blogging has become a little easier for all of us.

    Blogging is a process. It involves research, analysis, technical skills, soft skills, and content optimization. All of these steps require time and effort that can sometimes exhaust the bloggers. Fortunately, technology is easily available to us today and, more often than not, it comes for free. There is a lot of these tools available on the Internet that can help us shorten the blogging process without compromising quality.


    Let us take a look at the top 10 SEO and content apps that are vital for blog editors:


    1. Pocket


    Pocket, formerly Read It Later, is an online bookmarking that allows users to save articles for later reading. It is accessible to various platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS. When a user saves an article or a web page, it is sent to the system’s list for later reading. The application removes any clutter from the article or page and lets the user adjust text settings for a more comfortable reading session.


    In 2015, the online bookmarking application won the Material Design Award for Adaptive Layout by Google.


    2. Evernote


    Evernote is a productivity software that allows users to take notes, organize, and archive documents. Additionally, the software allows users to save each note as a formatted text, a full webpage, a photograph, a voice memo, or even as an ink note.


    Users can also attach files and sort files into a notebook, tagged, and annotated, among others. The productivity software is accessible to iOS, Windows, and Android, among others.


    The software is available as a free limited app or a premium app.


    3. Diigo


    Diigo, or Digest of Internet Information, Groups, and Other Stuff, is a social annotation, highlighting, and social bookmarking application that allows users to bookmark and tag web pages. In addition, the application allows users to annotate on the web page by attaching a sticky note, which can either be posted in private or shared with a group.


    The application is accessible to iOS, Android, and Windows. And in 2006, it won as one of the top ten research tools of the year.


    4. Windows Live Writer


    Windows Live Writer is the blog software that allows users to author and publish photos. Developed by Microsoft, the software is made compatible with various blogs including Blogger, LiveJournal, and WordPress, among others. The blog software features Provider Customization API, which allows both rich customization and adds new functionality to the product.


    Additionally, it allows users to create new blog posts as well as edit them accordingly. It also lets you preview the blog post before officially launching it to your website.


    Last but not the least, Windows Live Writer is absolutely free.


    5. Webinar Platforms:

    Webinars play an important role to share knowledge and skills among marketers who wish to learn from industry experts. There are various best webinar platforms that have become even more popular during the COVID 19 pandemic. These platforms give a great opportunity to marketers to learn even sitting on their sofa.


    6. RatedByStudents Mobile App


    RatedByStudents Mobile App is an application designed to assist blog editors in finding the best writing services. It provides reviews of existing writing services and other information that will educate them on which services to avail of or not.


    Aside from the reviews, the mobile app is also rich in information with regard to editors, writers and content writing tools.


    RatedByStudents is now available as a mobile app to make it more accessible to blog editors who need to access all this information through their phones. The app comes with filters and search features, which will speed up their search in order to save time and effort.


    . Dropbox


    Dropbox is an online backup service that allows users to store and synchronize files, among others. The service allows the creation of folder through user computers, which is later synchronized to its servers and other computers or gadgets installed by the same users. This allows the users to access their files anytime, anywhere.


    This service is available to Windows, Apple, and Android users, among others. It has also been awarded by various publications including the Economist, New York Times, and the Washington Post.


    8. Google Docs


    Google Docs is a collaborative software, word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation program. This web-based software allows users to create and edit files online as well as collaborate with other users in real-time.


    The software suite is available as a web application and as a mobile application for both Android and iOS users, which allows users to stay productive wherever they are across the globe.


    9. Dragon Dictation


    Dragon Dictation is a free speech recognition application that works as an online solution like Siri. The technology lets you speak right into the device and have it transcribe your words automatically for you, which makes it perfect for note taking, business meetings, and whatnot.


    It is available to both Apple and Android users but requires an Internet connection to function. In 2010, Dragon Dictation topped the business productivity app on iTunes.


    10. Shareaholic


    Shareaholic is a discovery, amplification, and engagement platform that allows users to customize the content and how it is discovered, consumed, engaged, and shared. This technology makes it easier and faster for you to share content to your social media accounts.


    A special feature of the platform is that it increases native ad performance. Plus, it has an extension for every browser including a WordPress plugin.    


    As of date, 450 million people are reportedly reached by the multi-tasking platform.


    11. Feedburner


    Feedburner is a web feed management site that provides traffic analysis to inform you on how many people have viewed your website and an optional advertising system to let you insert ads into your RSS feed and eventually profit from it. It is a typical web service that provides APIs, which allow other software to connect to it.


    As of date, it has hosted over a million feeds for half a million publishers.


    As A Summary…


    As previously mentioned, managing a blog can be a tedious process and will eat up a lot of your time and energy from doing your research to writing your content to sharing it accordingly. It might be tolerable at the start but if you were to do this on a regular basis, it can be exhausting. This is why you have to make use of existing tools in the industry to make life easier for you.


    There are hundreds of available tools online, which are both free and paid. Free applications have its limits and it might be more useful for you to pay premium service although paying is not mandatory because there will always be a similar application available free of charge somewhere else.


    Additionally, note that these software applications serve different purposes including saving ideas for later, editing blogs, creating content, mobility, grabbing screenshots, optimizing content, and sharing.


    For optimal results, you can utilize multiple applications to save time and effort in maintaining and, perhaps, monetizing your blog.  

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  • Great post @StevenMehler, I really appreciate your efforts for sharing the information about the ‘Content & SEO Apps that are essential for the Bloggers & Marketers. I can not agree more to the statement “you can utilize multiple applications to save time and effort in maintaining and, perhaps, monetizing your blog”. Thanks for the valuable post & keep on sharing the enlightening content.
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