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  • Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies for 2020

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    You may be working on such strategies that are good for nothing. Let’s say, you offer discounts on fresh arrivals. Despite being magnetized, the special offer running surprisingly yields no prospects.




    Simply put, your lead generation strategies in 2020 are not proving right. Here are some tips that can actually help you to fill your bucket with prospects and authorities via digital marketing.




    1.       Video Marketing: It is the best engagement tool that most of the digital marketing agencies or companies use. Six out of 10 online visitors would rather prefer online streaming than that of watching television. Even, 81% of businesses rely on the video marketing tool. These findings consolidate the futuristic approach for the Facebook, which most probably will be all videos and no text by 2021.



    These aforesaid predictions apparently points that a startup or a small business can have a big opportunity lying ahead if it harnesses videos for marketing.


    Launch your (brand’s) video presence with video marketing tips that stick around these super important points:

    ·         Pain point of the customers

    ·         Ideas to improve and overcome

    ·         How-to tips


    2.       Clear message on website: Only a few websites seem to win the customers. Even, opportunities come knocking at their door when the prospect browses their website. But, those opportunities bounce out in a few seconds. Why?


    Actually, they eagerly search for some answers before generating leads for:

    ·         How are you solving my problems?

    ·         How are you making my life better?

    ·         How do I get it?


    Upon optimizing your web content, which would carry answers of the aforementioned questions, you can get authority that you look for.


    3.       Blogging: A blog refers to rich, relevant and amazing content that is in your demographic/ niche/industry. It is by far the most impressive and powerful tool to reach your target audience. Be it an internal or external blog, you can start and run a digital marketing campaign to catch visibility because:

    ·         It’s inexpensive.

    ·         Inbound and outbound link-building swells traffic out the blues.

    ·         SEO or organic traffic growth scrolls up, which improves ranking & domain authority in Google.

    ·         Your credibility builds up.

    ·         Engagement multiplies rapidly.

    ·         Offers scope for gathering revenue through affiliate marketing for b2b or b2c leads.


    4.       Content Distribution: If the content is king, its distribution is queen. Most of the failures happen due to the wrong distribution of the content. First and foremost, you need to identify who your target customer is. Identifying it is not easy. Yet, a deep market research through quizzes, surveys and study can help you to leap across those barriers. Even, your competitors can also drop some vital clues about who your target audience can be. Use a web analytics tool or Google Analytics to research and decide.


    One of the super exciting ways to generate leads via it is influencer marketing. You can hire a super influential personality from sports, fashion or beauty or any other domain. Ask that superstar of social media, say of Tik Tok or Instagram, to promote your product/ services. 


    5.       Digital ads and guest blogs: Although both are different, yet both on-board traffic on your website via backlinks.


    Also known as Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click or PPC, digital ads can fetch attention overnight. With just an ad, you engage multitudes of target audiences. If your landing page is fully optimised, you win the race.


    Guest posts are also like blogging. Certainly, you would write for some other web hosts. But, it is going to kick the ball in your court. The referral link that you put in the author bio or in the middle of the content pulls the crowd to improve your traffic. Here again, you ought to ensure that what they have found in the first impression would be strongly connected with the landing page. Relevancy should be the soul. That page should have another switch ready to plug to Call to Action (CTA). This is the most important step if you really look for conversions.


    Apart from these, the networking via B2B business events and public speaking as on Facebook Live can also get zillions of audience to your website.  Use those opportunities to the fullest to get connected and convey your business proposition.

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