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  • Top 5 Security Tech Investments in 2020

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    Technology investments are something that could literally pay off. It comes with many advantages such as a high return and growth prospects. Technology investments have reached a wide variety of industries. But it's important to focus on some of the most important investments that you'll want to consider moving forward. Most of these technology investments can propel you forward into 2020.


    1. Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Machine Learning


    Artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning have hit a tipping point in the past few years. An intelligent system that can adapt and perform autonomously rather than execute according to a list of instructions has paved the way for this technology into 2020. This includes a wide variety of technologies that feature deep learning, natural-language processing, and neural networks. That involves a type of technology that adapts, learns, predicts, and understands some of the most advanced systems.


    These systems will lead to more intelligent devices and programs. The banking and financial industry could benefit from the use of AI and machine-learning techniques. Since there are various technologies, it's important for investors to pay attention to tech stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.


    As a result, AI and advanced machine learning landed on the list of the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017.


    2. Biotech


    The biotech industry is one of the best investments that investors will make in their lives. Its drop and underperformance have lead investors to become interested in biotech stocks. While most biotech companies haven't been making money, investors are still looking towards profitable and stable companies. The biggest risk is associated with the companies that are in the developmental stage.


    The biotech industry could boom because of President Donald Trump. He's been more supportive of the biotech industry compared to past presidents. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, it could led to an earnings boost for biotech companies. Investors should look towards companies like Enzo Biochem, Exelixis, Geron Corporation, and Portola Pharmaceuticals.


    3. Cybersecurity


    Due to the increasing number of devices connected to the internet, there has been a concern as to how to keep that information safe, according to a report in Fortune. For example, there are smart devices such as security cameras that are connected to a home or business network. There has been an increased demand for cybersecurity equipment, such as firewalls, which is anticipated to grow. This amount has already hit $10.6 billion back in 2016.


    Some companies are making state-of-the-art security systems that provide exceptional security. The cybersecurity market has become volatile, especially in its earnings and stocks. Another cybersecurity investment to look out for is Check Point Software Technologies. This shareholder-friendly company has been successfully outperforming its competitors when it bought back all of its stock from the last 13 years in 2016.


    4. Wearable Technology


    The wearable technology industry has outperformed some companies in the last two years, according to The Motley Fool. The smartwatch market is expected to increase over the years. There has been a surge in popularity with the Apple smartwatch line, Garmin's Fenix Chronos, and Samsung's G2 smartwatches. There are also smartwatches that are built for performing multiple activities, such as golfing, jogging, and swimming.


    5. Bitcoin & Blockchain


    Blockchain startups are no longer relying on angel investors and capital firms. There has been an increased demand for blockchain companies from global investors. They don't have issues sending digital currencies to people they never met in person or has produced a product. For example, Lisk raised over $5 million in less than 30 days.


    Among these opportunities, there has been a global investor pool that provides global exchanges. Some of these digital exchanges include around-the-clock trading that's filled with clients who are looking for new assets. The efficiency of closing a deal has never been so quick. This trend is expected to grow.             

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