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  • Top 8 Project Management Tools an Entrepreneur Should Know

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    Project Management is a plethora of activities. Project Management indulges in various activities such as Client Communication, Resource Planning, Project Planning, Risk analysis and mitigation, Project co-ordination and so on. In order to smooth the process there are few project management tools which ease the process.


    Few of them are mentioned below :

    • BaseCamp : This is one of the simple and efficient project management tool. The BaseCamp provides wide variety of features with ease. The BaseCamp is widely used by many companies across the globe for ease project management process. Few of them are WWF, NASA, ETSY etc. BaseCamp comes in Trial for few days then the process is paid. However, it provides plethora of activities. Whenever a project is awarded, you can add the project in BaseCamp, you can add Clients and all resource involved in the project such as Project Managers, Software Developers and so on. The communication threads and message boards are very reliable. Whenever any update is posted by anybody notification alerts in the form of email is made to the user. There is also the feature of restricting a user from receiving a message via message filter. Apart from that features such as setting To-Do list, Real time Chat pings, Automatic check ins, document and file storage,setting events are few of the important feature of BaseCamp.


    • Asana : Just like BaseCamp, Asana is another project management tool which provides ease in project management process. Asana is mainly designed for effective team collaboration,it mainly focuses on project management without using email. There is no hurdle to check the emails. There is the provision to create workspace which contain project and its related tasks. When any status gets changed each and every individual involved in the project gets notified about the changes. Its an effective tool for team collaboration.


    • Trello  : Trello is another  project management tool, just like BaseCamp trello features the same functionality, in Trello projects are often represented as Boards which contain lists, you can also create task and can assign the task to a particular resource involved in the project. There is also the feature of Drag and Drop Facility. It also featured File and Data storage. You can tag a particular resource for a task and he/she can only get notified and so on. This is one of the simple most and effective for proper project coordination. Several companies across the globe practice this simple tool.


    • FindNerd : While working on FindNerd community you can also access its project management module which is really a revolutionary project management tools platform that allows you to plan your project tasks and sprints with your team & client in a very user friendly manner. This prject planning and management tool is completely free where you can also manage your project resources, task and bugs issues at one place and can also easily evaluate the employee or project performance through productivity reports.


    • Wrike : Just like other project management software's, Wrike is basically designed for collaborative project management to ease the workflow for companies and organizations of various sizes. Based on the size  and type of work a company does,  the Wrike is available under three tires : Free, Professional and Enterprise Type. Few of the important features of Wrike are ability to create tasks, assign tasks, mark tasks complete, and attach files. Based on the features and the Subscription plan purchased the features are added accordingly. Depending on the usage and professional needs a user, can subscribe accordingly and can avail the various features.


    • MS Project : MS Project or Microsoft Project is one of the popular project management tools that is widely used across the globe by organizations lead to small to Big giants. However, Big companies widely used this tool. The MS Project is a combination of many features. It helps a project manager in creating a proper project plan assigning resources to particular task. Other feature such as progress tracking, budget managing and analyzing the workload, resource performance is also tracked using this. You can also see whether a resource is in benchmark i.e., reaming ideal using this effective tool.


    • ToDoIst : This is one of the important tool for project management. Here you can set list of To-Do’s that you will do. You can prioritize your task as well.You can put all tasks in the form of To-Do’s and can assign a task to the resource. After completing the To-Do’s you can mark them completed. This is mainly useful for project managers to prioritize and complete the cork accordingly.


    • JIRA : Jira is widely used by many companies across industries. The use of JIRA is practiced by over 25,000 customers in 122 countries worldwide, that’s a pretty large number and widely used application. The main purpose of JIRA is the task management and bug management. It also tracks time of the task assigned in the form of tracker, this helps project managers to easily identify the work done by resource.

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  • Some smooth the process some seem to create a dependency that gets in the way of smooth progress ... too many times I've worked with project managers who've been too tied to MS Project rather than the reality of what's going on in the real world. for that reason, I believe more collaborative tools such as basecamp are better ...

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