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  • Top Android Development Tools that Everyone Ought to Know

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    Smartphones have altered our lives in a way that we are totally reliant on numerous apps that have eventually simplified various tasks. When we talk about smartphone platforms, Android is the biggest mobile platform that has billions of users worldwide!


    Millions of applications are available on the Google Play Store that can cater to diverse user’s needs. But have you ever wondered how these smartphone applications are made? What’s the background process of android app development and what are the tools that are used to develop these applications? Well, if you are searching for the answer to this question, you have landed at the right place!


    There are numerous tools available in the market that can help you in building your application by providing you a step by step approach.


    Here we would be sharing detailed information about the tools that are used for enhanced Android app development. Dive in here to know more about these tools that you can utilize for making your first mobile app.


    Android Studio

    Android Studio is on the top of the list when we talk about the reliable Android development tools. This powerful tool is one of the preferred tools that are used by most of the developers for creating dynamic mobile applications that is easy to use.


    From efficient coding to debugging the application, Android Studio is the perfect choice for both beginners and advanced users that are expecting high-end development platform. This is perhaps the reason why most of the people rely on this influential development tool.


    The user can eventually code, test, and debug using this amazing tool that is available free of cost on the official website. This tool is supported by a vast majority of the Android community and even by Google. One can download and install the tool on their Windows, Mac, or Linux PC.


    Android Debug Bridge

    Android Debug Bridge is one of the finest tools that are included in Android Studio that lets a user develop, debug, and analyze the quality of the application. The command line tool provides a bridge between the connected Android devices and computer systems, which helps in analyzing the overall performance of the application.


    For all those seeking a perfect way to test their application can use this tool as it is one of the best tools to analyze the flaws in any application. The developer can make the necessary alterations as per the requirements by connecting the mobile device with the development PC through commands.



    One can expect better reliance when it comes to Android development by using Eclipse. Most of the developers still use Eclipse for enhanced application development. The tool is somehow outdated as Android Studio has significantly created a market.


    One can use this tool for efficient application development procedure, which also helps in checking the flaws in the application with the in-built emulator. The developer can test the application for any technical glitches by using the emulator and can eventually replicate different devices depending on the screen size.


    This tool is also available free of cost on the official website and one can get adequate support from a huge community for this reliable Android Application development platform. One can get a solution for their issues from the professionals that are always there to provide the right solution.



    When it comes to efficient development, Fabric is a perfect choice for android application development. Just like other available development tools, Fabric also provides the finest development environment that enables the developer to test, modify, and debug the application without any hassle.


    The developer is provided the best experience through the kits that can be picked as per the requirements. The kits can be used for different requirements like beta testing, marketing, and advertising. Most of the social media platforms applications are built through Fabric. For instance, the Twitter mobile application is built with Fabric.


    Game Maker: Studio

    For all those seeking the best game development platform for Android, Game Maker Studio is the prominent choice. The platform offers the finest game development environment that significantly helps in developing the finest games for different mobile devices.


    The platform offers all the necessary functionality that is required to build a 2D game with adequate testing. One need not rely on heavy coding for the development of an advanced game that engages the user. The drag and drop features make Game Studio Maker the perfect choice for the game developers around the world.  This platform is intended for the beginners that are not so proficient in the development of 2D games.


    These are some of the best tools that lend a hand in building an Android application. You can explore the official website to know more about these tools so that you don’t face issues while you are planning to build a custom app.

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