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  • Top eCommerce Marketing Trends to Drive Sales

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    This is the right time to analyze the eCommerce trends that have the power the year so far. As a eCommerce website development company, you always need to keep your finger on the pulse.


    eCommerce industry landscape is evolving continuously day by day. the shopping habits of he humans have been changed now. So the website or application for your business is necessary now a days. Once you are used to with the eCommerce latest trends then you will easily adapt the sales and marketing strategies.


    Here in below list we have listed top eCommerce marketing trends.


    D2C (Direct to Customer)

    In traditional retailer there are many phases over there to reach the product to the customer. In traditional retailer the product goes to wholesaler from the manufacturer then it will goes to Distributor from the wholesaler then from the distributor the product goes to Retailer and at the end the product reach to the customer from the retailers. As the product pass from this long process and reach to the customer and in D2C the product reach to customer direct from the manufacturer via the eCommerce website of Application as the medium.


    This strategy of eCommerce sells anything direct to the customers. there is not any of the channel (human) between the manufacturer and customer. The produce direct goes to customer from the manufacturer without any of the medium. The eCommerce website or application only work as medium between the manufacturer and the customer.


    Because of this, the whole process will become easier and also it will more impact on the cost. eCommerce does not necessary to even touch the product which they sell. As this Shopify is one of the biggest trends for eCommerce. Most of the businesses are starting the eCommerce because this simple and easy D2C process.


    Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality is a technology that place a computer genereted image on a customers view of the real world,  thus providing a hybrid view. Augmented Reality helpful for your customers to experience products better when they’re shopping online. You can use this technology also for your mobile app.


    Augmented Reality gives shoppers a better sense of the details of the product with a 3 Dimensional view, while simultaneously showing size and scale. If you have a Shopify store for you business then you can easily take advantage of the AR features, which is offered by 3D Warehouse.


    This is one of the best option for those who have goods space. Shopping online for something like a Sofa can be very challenging, but Augmented Reality makes that process easier. Augmented Reality allows customers to see what that sofa would look like in their home. They would have a great sense of how the sofa would fit in the room, without having to take actual measurements. eCommerce shops offers type of technologies that also let customers customize options based on the things like colour, so you could see what a looks like in your living room compared to other furniture.


    Shoppable Posts

    Social media is one of the best platform to get more engagement on your post and grows your online store easily, increase your customer day by day. You can use social platforms to directly drive sales to your eCommerce shop. All you need to do is integrate Shopify store with Instagram profile to share shoppable posts.


    You can post your new products on social media platforms with proper tags and description, with shoppable posts, you can tag products in images, just like you would tag a person or another account. As well you can share shoppable stories and status on social media application. According to survey 55-60% people use Instagram to discover new products, and 70-75% of Instagram users take an action after viewing posts.


    Shoppable posts make this much easier also for your current customers. If they saw something that they want on your page, they won’t need to open a web browser, visit your website, and then search for it directly on there. Shopify integration makes it easy to implement this.


    Mobile Commerce

    According to Statista, mobile commerce holds 60-65% of eCommerce sales are worldwide. Mobile commerce is expected to control 65-70% of the total eCommerce market by 2021. Customers no need to be on computers to buy something from eCommerce shop. Successful mobile commerce strategy is after an optimized mobile website.


    Most of the people would like to spent their time on mobile apps. It's easy for people to browse and make purchases from a User Interface standpoint. When users checked out at that time their Name, Address , Card number, Contact number, Billing Address and also shopping address are saved by mobile Application. Mobile apps have less friction as compered to Website, which produces higher conversions rate.


    Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly computer systems. Artificial Intelligence is being used for a wide range of purposes of the applications. AI chatbots are starting to become the new rule. With the use of Chatbot the customer easily conversion with the system according their query and system solve it successfully by chatting. This will help customer by not to wait longer for the customer care executive. Make chatbot by hiring any chatbot development company and adding chatbot to your eCommerce shop will extremely beneficial for both you and your customers.


    By using chatbots, you don’t need to pay many to employees to answer the customers. If the wait times will Shorter then it will lead to higher consumer satisfaction. The main benefit is the Chatbot is a Artificial Intelligence system or machine, so it can work 24/7 and 365 days for you. You do not need to worry about giving Artificial Intelligence vacation time. Experts anticipate that 75-80% of all customer support interactions will be handled without human contact by 2020.


    Customer Personalization

    One of the best thing to drive sales that Personalizing the customer experience. Now a days the businesses are leveraging tools and technologies to Personalizing the customer experience. They are monitoring browsing behavior with cookies of the customer's browser, and then it will going to run remarketing campaigns. Website gives an option to customer to create a profile and in that customers recommended the products and then send them targeted mails based on their search history what they are looking  and searching for.


    Personalization helps lots to increase conversion rates. Most of the consumers are more likely to buy from brands that offer a personalized shopping experience. Personalizing the customer experience is going to be very important for those who have plans to build a mobile application for the ecommerce shop. You can store customers information with the mobile application. After then you can use that information to personalize about the customers do.


    You can create one customer loyalty program for your customers and form it, make easy to take rewards, purchase history and make repeat orders for the customers. This will better from cookie experience for every single person.


    Increassed Conversion Rate

    The conversion rates for each of the months of 2019 were higher than the same months in 2018. Increased conversion rates translate to the higher sales. eCommerce has become widely accepted by customers worldwide.


    It’s up to you to design a website and checkout process that increase conversion Rate. Websites and the mobile applications with complex checkouts would not good from high conversion rates. Website or Application Features, Functionalities, Designs, and many of the factors you need to improve for increase conversion rate.


    Voice Search

    The way that customers are searching online now is being changed. Now a days most of the peoples search anything online is by voice search. Voice search is is all time higher and still continuous rising. According to Google, 35-40% of adults and 50-55% of teenagers use voice search multiple times per day.


    Voice searches are longer than traditional text search. This clears that since it is easier for people to talk than to type. Voice search also necessary to be taken into consideration when it comes to mobile application accessibility, which has become new must in mobile development.



    Videos absolutely necessary to be incorporated into ecommerce website. Now alone picture are not acceptable into eCommerce Store. A video can show more, show in details, and show proper design and look of your product. The review of most of the customers about the products which ever they purchased online that the products don't look the same after it delivered. This will make unsatisfied customers and will higher rate to return rates instead of repeat orders.


    Every product on the website must have a video, that’s included with the photos on the product page. Only pictures can’t show all features about the product. When the video makes all of the things very clear. The best part of these video content is that you can re-purpose it on your all distribution channels and also on social media pages. Now start post product videos on your eCommerce mobile applications and eCommerce websites.


    Use Influencer Marketing

    You will not always drive people directly on your mobile eCommerce application or eCommerce website to purchase a product. You need to market your product and also website and mobile applications in market and social media platforms.


    The eCommerce products advertising on social media platforms has been already involved. You need to be market your product on social media by the people who have high social media followers. So those people can advertise the products by their own profiles or channels.


    Customers trust micro Influencers more because they are perceived as normal people. Many customers like to buy products that have been recommended by celebrity Influencers and many for not celebrity Influencers. Influencer marketing is trending upward and still continuously. Many of the businesses planning to increase Influencer marketing budget.


    Flexible Payment Option

    Now a days eCommerce shops are starting to accept multiple payment methods like Google Pay, Pay Pal, Credit/Debit Card, applications like Paytm and PhonePe, etc. Multiple payment options are becoming more readily available for customers who shopping online. The multiple payment method made most of the online transaction in last 1 year.


    If you have a mobile application for your eCommerce store then it will easy and secure for you to store the payment information of your customers, so every time customer has not to enter all their details for payment and they will able to complete the order with few clicks. You need to make a priority to accept payment from many payment methods are possible.



    All these trends are according to by facts, research, and statistics. Based on the data, it looks like everything on this list will continue trending upward as we close out the year and continue to remain relevant in 2020. It’s time for you to leverage mobile apps increase your sales. If you’ve never built an eCommerce application before and need some assistance, we’d be happy to help. Here at BuildFire, we can help you to design a mobile eCommerce application that compliments your eCommerce shop.

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