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  • What is Agile Model?

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    What is Agile Model ?

    Agile model comes under the incremental model. Every application or software are expanded in the progressive or incremental way, quick period. In the agile model effects or impacts are appears in short growing or incremental releases with various delivered build on prior utility or functionality. In various release or delivery is entirely proven or tested to assure software quality or software property retained. Agile model is generally utilized for the time crucial applications or software.

    Advantages or Benefits of Agile model :-

    1- Speedy client gratification persistent release of helpful software.
    2- Even adjustment to modifying conditions.
    3- Direct discussion is the excellent style of the communication.
    4- Still slow modifications in the proposals or requirements are acceptable.
    5- Active application or software is provided repeatedly (in weeks, place of months).

    Disadvantages or Drawbacks of Agile model :-
    1- Sometimes when we delivered the builds particularly big ones, It is very hard to evaluate the effort needed at the starting of SDLC (software development life cycle).
    2- Sometimes there is shortage of emphasis on required designing and evidence or documentation.

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