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  • What is servlet ?

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    Servlet is very powerful server side scripting language. It is a class which basically handle network request-response model. It is very powerful as we had earlier like CGI.

    Basic Request-Rsponse Model

    When browser send http request to java web server(like Tomcat, Jeety) then server pass the request to specific servlet , which process the request and perform task and revert response to the browser.

    Where Servlet Runs ?

    Servlet runs under web server. We can say that servlet container . Example-


    Servlet Life Cycle

    Servlet follows certain life cycle which is managed by servlet container. Servlet life cycle is as -

    1. Servlet Initialization -By calling the init () method.

    2. Process Request - calls service() method to process a client's request.

    3. Servlet Termination -The servlet is terminated by calling the destroy() method.

    4. Finally, servlet is garbage collected by the garbage collector of the JVM.

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