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  • Why Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Jobs are Highly Paid

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    Are you looking to start a career in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain? Do you want to know where to look for employment opportunities? If you answered yes to all or any of the questions above, then sit tight and follow me as I'll be doing justice to every single issue and more in this article.



    In less than 15 years, the Cryptocurrency market has evolved to be categorized as one of the fastest-growing labor markets globally. Currently, the Crypto market has been estimated to worth roughly $250 billion in the financial market. This jaw-dropping feat can be attributed to the 2017 Bitcoin bubble, which has attracted many investors into the Crypto market.


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    There is currently a high demand for blockchain engineers, blockchain marketers, blockchain developers, and other Blockchain-related professionals in many parts of the world, especially in the US. With this level of demand, the smart, hardworking individuals with the right mastery have the advantage of commanding a premium from companies and industries in need.


    Why you should start a Career in Blockchain

    According to LinkedIn reports, the total number of skills searches relevant to Blockchain and cryptocurrency is still on the increase. In the news, we were made to know that in July 2019, about 16,668 offers were posted by companies. Companies like Facebook are massively hiring, demand for lawyers has grown significantly, and the US is leading in terms of the number of jobs offered in this regard.


    Even Upwork, which happens to be one of the largest freelance networks in the world, published a report in 2018 that; Blockchain knowledge was one of the leading skills that are highly demanded by clients seeking talents on the platform. Despite this level of demand, companies still can't get enough specialists.


    Therefore, it is only rational for the millennials to look towards this direction to kickstart a new career.


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    Salaries in Blockchain related Professions

    Even though Bitcoin's value is a bit down, the demand for experienced blockchain professionals remains unaffected- it is still very much on the high side.


    According to CNBC- a prominent financial market and business news coverage, it was reported that Blockchain engineers are now at the same earning level with AI experts. The average annual salary of an experienced engineer is approximately between $150,000 and $175,000. The extremely high demand that has failed to be met is why this kind of salary is being paid to the current experts available. 


    The shortage in supply of competent blockchain engineers can be related to the high level of growth of the blockchain technology that many potential applicants have not been able to meet up to.


    This is to bring to light the kind of opportunities and money that abounds in the blockchain field.


    Blockchain Skills that are extensively demanded

    • Blockchain Engineers
    • Blockchain Developers
    • Blockchain Project Managers
    • Ethereum or Smart Contract Developer


    Some Websites you can search for Blockchain-related Job Opportunities.

    • Blockchain Headhunter
    • BlockchainWorks
    • Blocktribe
    • Coinality
    • Coindesk Career Center, to mention a few.
    • Blockchain Legal Service, and many others.


    In conclusion, with all facts and insights that were dished out above, you will agree with me that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is the new Gold mine where opportunities abound if you are quite confident in your skills and knowledge of Blockchain. Why not join the league of Blockchain professionals today and secure a bright future for yourself.

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