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  • Why is eLearning an intelligent and worthwhile investment?

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    In these uncertain times, isolation has become the norm to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. But this time has been a blessing in disguise for many who want to learn and upgrade their knowledge. As a business owner, one of the most rewarding ways to utilize this self-imposed quarantine time is to equip your employees with a new skill that will boost their productivity as well as ensure that they stay engaged.


    Online learning, or eLearning has seen a massive interest gain in the recent years. An effective eLearning product can help your business reap the benefits of having skilled employees through a successful learning process, thereby making it a worthwhile investment. 


    Each eLearning tool comes with a set of unique features. To pick one that aligns well with your training goals and fits the budget, you can check out their pricing structure. For example, the Coassemble pricing plans are highly affordable and tiered to suit organizations of all sizes.


    Here are top four reasons why investing in eLearning is an intelligent and profitable decision:


    1. Easily available learning options:

    Traditional learning was imparted by conducting an instructor-led session where every employee had to be present in the same premises along with the instructor at a pre-fixed time. On the other hand, eLearning modules can be accessed from anywhere around the globe at any hour of the day. The quick content deployment and easy on-the-go learning feature makes eLearning a highly convenient option.


    An eLearning course is very affordable to create and can be distributed within seconds with just a click. In case you want to conduct an online instructor-led training, there is no need for the instructor and learners to be in the same room or even the same time zone. This ensures everyone is participating from the safety of their homes.


    2. Saves learning time:

    As per a recent survey, an eLearning course takes almost half the time as compared to a traditional learning experience with the same content. Since there is no need to travel to be physically present for the session, it leads to a huge saving of time. Your employees lose less time learning new skills which makes eLearning a very smart investment.


    An eLearning course can be accessed at any time of the day depending on the learners convenience. Additionally, the microlearning structure provides bite sized modules of 10-15 minutes that allows employees to learn even in their breaks. As employees get full control over the pace of the learning, they can pick the apt time and location for them. 


    3. Cost effective:

    With the increased popularity of cloud based Learning Management System all the eLearning material is centralized and all employees, regardless of their location, have access to it. This ensures consistency of learning and prevents any loss of information. Having centralized control over the training saves a company significant revenue.


    Switching from in-person classroom training to online training leads to a huge drop in expenses as there is no need to spend on travel, classroom, equipment, printing training material, or getting an instructor onboard. 


    4. Higher information retention:

    The eLearning features like the use of multimedia and gamification makes learning fun and engaging. This type of immersive learning experience ensures better information retention and callback.


    With eLearning, you can create custom training content where the course material is customized to benefit individual learners. Customized content is focused on company specific skills which ensures employees invest time in learning only what is most essential for them.



    An powerful eLearning tool like a cloud based LMS software is a very cost effective option which easily integrates with your existing setup and delivers high quality training. It helps you upskill your employees so they become valuable resources, thereby justifying the investment value.

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