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  • Wix for Beginners: 8 Essential Tips That You Can Apply Right Now

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    Congratulations on finally putting up your own site whether for business or for other personal use.


    And now that you’re beginning to explore the wonders of this digital presence, we’re here to help you navigate the world of website building and how you can maximize it. 


    What you need right this very moment are essential tips on how to use Wix and we’re here for it. Here are eight pointers for your newly-built website:


    1. Improve your web design

    If you want your site to look fun and interesting, this is the perfect time to experiment. 



    There’s no right or wrong formula for those who have a clear goal in mind. Spice things up a bit and make sure that your web design is something that will resonate among your customers.


    Find a new design inspiration or update the template you are using to improve the overall vibe of your website. It might contribute to the increase of your site visitor volume.


    2. Create a customized email address

    While it may seem like a superficial kind of thing, there is a decent percentage of customers that don’t take brands seriously if they use a free email service.


    Honestly, you can’t really blame them for feeling that way. If you are bound and determined to be taken with decency and integrity, invest in a customized email address that carries your domain name.


    This way, your visitors will know that you really mean business and that you have no time for nonsense. This is one way of taking your image a notch higher.


    3. Refine your site’s mobile appearance

    Since a lot of people have been turning to their mobile phones for web surfing, setting up a mobile version of your site will help improve your web traffic.


    Wix offers a mobile editor meant to custom build your site into a sleek and more effective mobile version. Use it to improve the overall design of your site for easy mobile navigation. 


    4. Designate metadata

    By creating customized metadata for your website, you allow users to search for your content. And because not every page on your site contains the same information, your metadata or meta title is what will help improve your site’s searchability.


    You can include the most basic detail or most important information about your website when creating a meta title. Just take note that the details have to be accurate and spot on so that your potential visitors won’t get disappointed if they don’t find what they are looking for. 


    5. Use the Wix SEO Wiz

    Now, the age of SEO has come upon us and we’ve fully gotten to know the fact that this is one of the main things that we should be working on for our site.


    If you don’t feel like hiring a professional to help you crack the perfect SEO formula for you, Wix offers an SEO wiz to help you handle this stuff and do the work for you. 


    It’s basically an assistant that will be with you every step of the way as you navigate the sometimes bleak road of search engines, as well as how to make them a good partner for your business.


    6. Update your important pages

    The way to creating a connection among your visitors is to always keep your information up to date, especially the most important ones.


    For instance, your ‘About Us’ page should always be updated to truly set a solid stance for your brand identity. While we all know we don’t change that page all the time, we have to take note of the little details that might give off misleading information to your customers.


    If you have something important to announce, add a little note on your site that can be easily read by your customers. 


    You should also create a customized page when your site is under maintenance to make them feel that you’ve put in extra effort to let them know of your plans and that an even better website experience is underway.


    7. Submit your site to Wix of the Day 

    If you find that making people visit your site is the toughest part of the whole website building challenge, let Wix help you address that concern.


    Through the Wix of the Day feature, your website will get that extra exposure. It will help you advertise your site among other website owners, which could result in tapping into a wider audience.


    8. Set up Google Analytics

    For accurate data regarding the performance of your website, Google Analytics is a good partner. But before you can get ahold of the full feature of Google Analytics, you need a premium Wix plan.


    It’s a good investment to make if you want to monitor metrics for your site and see which part of it you can improve on.


    Wrap Up

    With Wix, there is nothing that will stop you from experimenting and exploring all that there is about your site. Don’t shy away from asking the experts on how you can optimize your website the way you want it to, and expect great results.


    Once you’re into it, you’ll realize its full potential and you’ll eventually find the perfect blend of templates, content, and features for your website.

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