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  • WordPress vs: Magento: Web Applications Comparison

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    WordPress vs: Magento: Applications Compared

    Anyone wishing to open a business in the global network needs suitable e-commerce software to operate. There are several web applications that business owners use. Online shop owners often choose Magento or WordPress , which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the nature and extent of the business, one of the two systems has the advantage. In this overview, we will therefore clarify you about the advantages and disadvantages of the applications.



    WordPress: web application with e-shop features

    WordPress is a popular software that was originally created to run classic web blogs. Today it can also be used for other web projects like an online shop. Many businesses conduct their ecommerce trading via customized WordPress variants, which look great on many mobile devices. There are many benefits for users who run an online business with the web application. They register only a few weaknesses because the free software is characterized by elegance, usability and customization options.


    Disadvantages at a glance: E-commerce with WordPress

    The developers of the web application did not know which versatile uses with WordPress are possible. The prerequisite is the installation of plug-ins, because the system is not designed for the operation of web shops. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to make minor adjustments to programming or design.


    The use of important plugins, which make the purchase and order process possible, as well as elaborate themes, which are suitable for the individual design of online shops, incur one-off costs. Although various third parties are luring with cheaper alternatives, they often do not provide support for these themes. Dubious themes that adapt to most existing design variations can contain dangerous code, creating cybercrime entry points. The threat of hacker attacks is generally given, so the integration of security queries and firewalls is recommended.


    Advantages of WordPress: In a short time to the webshop

    Where there are some disadvantages, there are many advantages. You design the entire design with the already named themes, which often works very well. Fundamental changes to the design can be made quite easily via WordPress. Data is not lost through the adjustments. Individual elements such as font and link colors can be changed quickly. You also integrate banners and graphics quickly and easily. Especially for beginners who open a new online shop, WordPress therefore seems a time-saving and quite cost-effective option.


    There are no costs for the web application except the fees for the recommended web hosting and your own domain. As a WordPress user, you benefit from constant updates that constantly improve security. At the same time, for better plugins and themes, which come from well-known developers, also appear regular updates that serve security or increase the functionality. This reduces the number of weak points, which is especially important for the operation of an online shop.


    Magento: software for e-commerce

    Many strengths speak for WordPress, that is the most popular system for the operation of websites of all kinds. However, there is a strong competition with Magento. After all, this online shop software is located on 1.3 percent of all websites, making it the most widely used application for operating online stores. The platform, which has established itself as an open-source project, exists in a free version, which can also be individualized by themes and plugins. There are also fee-based versions that are tailored to different types of online shopping. Magento has its own benefits.


    Some costs and a lot of time: weaknesses of Magento

    Unlike WordPress, which is distributed only in a customizable base distribution, Magento appears in two major variations. In addition to the basic version, the enterprise distribution exists. Additional costs are incurred for themes and extensions. Because the installation is not easy, it is often necessary to consult an expert, who also has to carry out the regular maintenance of the entire system. A Magento shop can also be adjusted at will. However, the integration of extensions and functions is not easy, which is why help from outside must be consulted in this case, which causes further costs. Otherwise there is a risk of long loading times, which many customers do not tolerate.


    Help from experts in the software, which are not always easy to find, is often indispensable. The complex Magento system is not easy to understand, so the few experts charge high prices for their services. To operate the webshop simple web space and a matching domain, which is sufficient for the WordPress online shop, usually not enough. Otherwise, because the sites load very slowly, which scares customers, renting a dedicated server is necessary. The exclusive right of use of such workstations costs a lot of money. This increases the monetary outlay required for operating a Magento-based online shop.



    Advantages of the software: Unique online shops with their own features

    Because Magento has a source code that can be changed, experts make numerous settings and additions. Experienced users create their own online shop through the code, which has adapted functions that are required for operation. Great flexibility is one of the strengths of the Magento software, which also adapts to individual requirements through the integration of plugins and APIs. The many possibilities that arise from additions by third-party manufacturers, thrilled many Magento users who operate an online shop through the software.


    Like WordPress, Magento is a popular application, so there are many users. Connoisseurs answer in forums, so many questions are clarified. Some experts enrich the large community of users by downloading new plugins, themes or extensions. Therefore, Magento offers more features than any other application for running a webshop. The software enables, for example, the operation of an online shop in various languages, with different currencies, national prices and customized location information.


    Because Magento is also available in a free version, beginners can first test the basic functions before the first shop gets into the net. The success of the business can quickly expand content very easily. The enterprise variant of Magento is able to deal with an increasing number of purchases. Customers of the respective online shop can also use a mobile phone or tablet, because visiting the virtual shop with such devices is possible when Magento is used. The software inspires with its responsive web design, which adapts the shop to the respective device, so that great ease of use is possible on any device.


    Applications in direct comparison

    WordPress is easy to set up. Fundamental changes to the design are made quickly by the themes. Numerous apps provide the functions required to operate the webshop. Smaller customizations often need to be written using HTML or CSS commands, which can cost some time. Nevertheless, the software creates attractive online shops that can be operated well on different end devices. It seems advantageous that the application works without a dedicated server.


    Such servers require many Magento users, whereby the maintenance and the effort are higher. Often, Magento webshop operators rely on the services of experts to make basic adjustments and reduce load times. At a higher price, Magento online shops use many features that are not easily available to WordPress users. They also have to worry about attacks by cybercriminals who prefer to attack WordPress sites.


    If you use the cheaper and simpler version with WordPress, you save time and money. If these factors are less important because you can invest more and spend more time, we recommend the Magento software, which offers more configuration options and features, especially in the paid Enterprise version.


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