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Multiple Inheritance in Java with Example

Hello!! As we know that java does not support the multiple inheritance but java 8 provides a way by which we can use multiple inheritance. It provides a default method to do this job. In java 7, interface are used to declare the contra...

Interface vs Abstract Class

Interface Interface can extend many interface. Interface can extend from a interface only. Interface have only abstract method by default. Interface can have public method only it it. Abstract Abstract can attend only on class at a time. ...


Interface is the way to get the multiple inheritance. This means that a class can inherit two or more class. As java, we can not extend more than one class but we can extend more than one interface. So Interface is used to have inheritance Bu...


Inheritance in java is concept by which one class can have the method of the other class. The class that is being inherited is called Base or Parent class and the one which derive is called the Derive or child class. Inheritance can be of the t...
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