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How to Check If Bootstrap Last Column is Even or Odd

Im new to this forum and new to php too… hope i get some help… I have bootstrap column in while loop, what i want is if bootstrap last column is odd then i want column to be 12 (col-12), i found the way to check number even or ...

How to Understand Semantics Bootstrap Package so as to Edit JS?

Having a hard time understanding this bootstrap package. I used NPM to install it. I've done everything in the doc file (which is pretty limited). I'm trying to use the search dropdown. I want to edit the JS because putting it in the HTML...

How to Style Page Using Bootstrap?

i need to style this page using bootstrap but i can't get that i need to style the tags with black border and i need to add some margin to the top and the bottom of the container <?php require_once ("../templates/header.php"); ...
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