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How to Merge XML CTE's in SQL Server Using Common Refid Key

I have the following CTE's, and I'm trying to combine XML1 and XML2 CTE's in Sql Server by their common refid key. ;With TBL1_Fruits As (Select '1' as refid, 'Apples' as fruits, 'Red' a...

Why my Andriod app crashes on some devices when clicked on button?

I just compiled an andriod app and its working fine via emulator and also tried using my device 7.0 but after trying to use the app on andriod 4.4 it crashed after clicking on a particular button..I have testes on firebase lab to get errors..test...

Why the order-by in hbm.xml is not resulting the sort in UI(jsf)?

The order-by in hbm.xml is not resulting the sort in UI(jsf), where as the hibernate query is printing in console is working correct   I am not able to get the sorted table from the data base,where as the hbm.xml changes are reflecting...

JSON parsing in android

I have problem with parsing JSON data in android. I want to populate the following json data to spinners. I have populated the categories to 1st spinner but i need to populate the 2nd spinner for subcategories which is dependent on 1st spinner. ...

Android Help

Hello Friends,I m developing an android app based on Gym Management System Well I have complete the CURD part coding now I only want attendance and fees remainder coding section please Help me out guys or guide me 

Button not showing in android app

Hello I have created six buttons in an app in android studio inside the Relative Layout. The buttons show OK in the preview mode of android studio but they second last one does not show when I install my app to test on a phone or an emulator. Wha...

Why are annotations used in Java?

I have certain queries regarding annotations in Java. What is the usage of annotations in java? What are the major applications where we can use it? Can these be used to replace XML based configuration completely and is it language specific...
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