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What are your Top three favorite Apps in terms of UX and UI?

Can you please suggest me three best Favourite app related to UI/UX designs. ( Like Color theme, Fonts, Iconography, Look & feel, Text spacing, Simple and elegant ).

How to hide the selection but still use it in Photoshop?

I am doing some painting work and it involves creating complex selection and that selection highlight distracts me. If there is any way to hide that please let me know. Thanks

C programming encrypting a message

Hey guys, i am a C programming beginner and looking for help urgently. I need to Write a function to encrypt a message given as a string input using the given encryption key. The function should output the encrypted message as a string to enc...

weservice issue

whenever i call the rest api from my java code ,i received no peer certificate exception. Please help me in advance.

Problem in Connection with Ejabberd server using Smack Api

Hello ! I am having an issue regarding connection with ejabberd server. Image of code for the connection is attached... my domain is http://192.168.x.xx:5280/admin... username on ejabberd server is zeeshan@localhost... When connecting, i used if ...

How to apply effects on multiple files using Photoshop?

I have created an effect in photoshop using layer style and hue saturation. I have 15 PNG files. Is there any automated way in photoshop that in can apply this effect into all png files ?

assing array to span in jquery

my response is comming in this format.... array { [0]=>abc [1]=>cde [2]=>fgh . . . . . . . . . . } I want to put this array in span.....

array in jquery

array([0]=>stdclassobject (['s_no']=1) ) is returning from ajax and i want to add this s_no's value in one textbox .....please can any one help me in jquery syntax...this is my ajax code....

Want to use customize fb share button

i want to share specific portion of my web page using fb share button .. bt now share button share default content ......... here is my code please help me .........

How to export all the individual layers in a particular format?

Hello everyone Is there any automated way where I can export all the individual layers at once in a particular format? I am using Photoshop CS5 and have 15 layers with transparency.

Which is the best Photoshop anti-aliasing setting for web use?

Which is the best Photoshop anti aliasing setting for web use?
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