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  • 3 Keyword Research Tips To Help Increase Your Website Rank

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    Search engine bots are designed in such a way that they index certain words in a content. The amount of such words and information determine how the content will be indexed in the results page.  


    Be very sure that these words are put in such a way that it helps you to get a good indexing. That is not all, it also has to be such optimum so that the search engine ranking seems possible for your brand. These words are known as keywords.  


    Keywords are actually terms; the users use to search for a particular query. For example, you want to buy an umbrella online and you want to know which umbrella will be good for you. If you search “big ladies' umbrella” then those words become your keywords for the search.  


    So, in this article we are going to discuss about some of the keywords research tips which will help you to rank better in the search engine results page. 


    1. Place your keywords according to your target audience 

    Before you dive into content marketing, you need to know thoroughly about your target audience. Say suppose, you are selling cosmetics online. You need to understand that the demographics you need to target will be mostly teenage girls, college girls, office going girls and house makers.  


    You not only need to find separate digital marketing campaigns for them but you also need to have specific keyword research tips for them. If you are targeting teenage girls then your keywords should include words like teen, glamour, lip tints and many more. It is because teenage girls are less prone to makeup like the office going ladies. So the campaigning goal and the keyword research is different for them. 


    2. Keep some general focus keywords 

    Content marketing mainly needs some focus keywords which are directly related to your niche. These focus keywords should always be present in every section of your brand. Whether it is in the URL of the website or in the landing page or in the home page. These focus keywords mainly help the search engine bots to understand which kind of website your website is. Whether it is an ecommerce marketplace or an online store.  


    Lets again take the example of selling cosmetics online, you are selling face makeup, bathing products and skin care products on your website. They are completely made from natural ingredients and their price is quite reasonable. After you pick out the highlights of your products. It becomes easy for you to search for the focus keywords. They can be: 

    • cheap makeup products online 

    • buy natural bathing products 

    • makeup products within $10 

    • paraben free facial kit 


    These are some of the focus keywords you can generally use when you are writing the website content. You can also design the content of your blog site based on these keywords.  


    3. Do not overdo the keywords 

    Content marketing is one of the top white label marketing techniques. However, it too has some drawbacks of its own. Keywords stuffing is one of them. An update from Google, nearly some years ago, made it clear that keyword stuffing is not only a stupid thing to do, but it is also illegal.  


    The update put many renowned websites into trash and hence, keyword stuffing is found to be only hampering the websites. That also means that you have to place the keywords in the right place. There is an optimum percentage of keywords you should place in a certain word document.  


    Say suppose, you are writing a 700 plus words article. The amount of focus keyword should only be placed evenly around 5 to 6 times in the entire content. Whereas, the secondary keyword can be put up to 3 to 4 times. Make sure that your keyword research tips are relevant to the topic on which you are writing. Difference in between the topic and the keywords confuses the search engine bots.  



    So these are some of the keyword research tips you need to follow to enhance your content so that it ranks better online. Online ranking does matter a lot because it not only allows you to have optimum website traffic but it also builds credibility of your brand online.  


    Content marketing is a long-term investment, so you should be very patient and alert about the content marketing tactics and the recent updates of Google and other search engines.  

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