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  • 5 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Tighten Online Security

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    Every business has an obligation to its customers, employees, and owners to stay safe. If hackers get hold of the company's data, everyone suffers the consequences. Companies must tighten up their online security to prevent that. The measures that were enough last year may not be enough for this year.


    Here are the reasons to shore up your company's online security.


    1. Criminals Are Always Ahead

    It is a sad fact that even governments have to grapple with at every turn. Criminals take significant time and effort to learn system vulnerabilities. Their work is solely to undo the efforts of security experts. Since companies lack resources to out-compete criminals, their only hope is to keep systems that are up to date with the current technology.


    2. It Is Expensive To Mitigate For Attacks

    Research shows that cyber-attacks cost enterprises about $1.3 million. Those that cannot afford such money face the full wrath of attacks. A good number of them end up closing shop. On the overall, it costs over $100 billion to mitigate the effects of cyber-crime.

    Small and medium enterprises are the worst hit by cyber-crime. Attacks on such companies cripple business operations for days. The businesses incur substantial losses. Instead of risking such an ordeal, every company needs to step up its online security.

    SONICWALL products can help a company ensure robust online security. Their services include email security, firewalls, remote access networks, and cloud security.


    3. It Is Good For Business Continuity

    A Single day of business disruption can cause an online storm that a business may find hard to contain. Any attempt to get into a company's systems can disrupt business. Every minute that passes translates to lost productivity.

    Employees will not be working during this time. Customers will not be placing orders. Revenues will be lost. An updated cyber security protocol can save your company from all that. Your business can operate without the fear of such an ordeal.


    4. You Can Keep Company Information Secure

    Criminals target company information. They can use the information to blackmail company employees or the company. It is nowadays a statutory duty for the company to ensure that company data is safe from third parties. Fines can easily befall a company that takes this task lightly.

    The integrity of the company lies in its ability to keep its trade secrets and customer data private. That can happen only through an elaborate online security protocol.


    5. To Inspire Confidence in Your Customers

    If you are accepting funds online, you must have a robust checking system that ensures the customer's personal information stays that way. Customers want to know that your systems are secure before they can give you any personal information. A single security breach is enough to wipe customer confidence in your company.



    To stay safe online, you need the best security tools. Tighten your online security for the benefit of your company and customers.

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