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  • 5 Smart Ways that Technology can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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    When buying or renovating a house, energy efficiency is a factor that is highly considered. Apart from saving a lot of money, an energy-efficient home offers comfort and ease. The first step to implementing such changes in your home should be allowing an expert to visit your home and advise you on the proper improvements to make given the size of your space. Furthermore, most professionals advise that incorporating technology into your home is the best way of saving energy. The question is how has the use of technology made people more energy efficient? Here is how: 

    Using Technology to Make your Home more Efficient



    1. Using a Smart Thermostat to Find the Ideal Temperature 

    If you are looking for efficiency and convenience in your home, investing in a smart thermostat is an excellent idea. When using an ordinary thermostat, turning it down by a few degrees might help you save a few dollars. However, opting to use a smart thermostat guarantees that you will save up to 30 percent on energy. Additionally, a smart thermostat can study your temperature preference and adjust it without your knowledge. The fact that you can control it from inside or outside your house makes it better. 

    2. Make use of Smart LED Light Bulbs 

    Imagine the fact that you do not need to replace your light bulbs every few months. Smart LED light bulbs can give you service for many years without the need to replace it. During summer when it is too hot, you need bulbs that do not emit a lot of heat. Furthermore, you can use your smartphone to configure the brightness, tone, and color of your smart bulbs. 


    As a homeowner, you can start small by replacing a single bulb at a time. Eventually, you will discover that all your bulbs are energy efficient. Smart LED bulbs offer high standard output and save on energy. If you replace at least five of your most frequently used bulbs, you are guaranteed to save $75 on your electricity bill annually. 

    3. Save Water with a Bathroom that has a High-IQ

    Showers and toilets that have a regulated flow save water. However, the emergence of a new smart shower that reduces the pressure of water as you move away from it is changing things. Others have LED lights that alert you when you have reached the programmed level of using water. 


    As much as smart toilets might be pricey and noisy, they save up to 20 percent less than a standard toilet. Such an adjustment may seem too costly to most Americans, but the water conservation opportunities are high. 

    4. Acquire Clean and Sustainable Solar Energy

    A solar panel installation is an investment that is worth every cent in your home. The number of installations in America has gone up over time due to their efficiency in conserving energy. In the process of carrying out your home automation plans, you should consider solar energy because it reduces pollution. In a way, investing in a smart solar system saves the environment and money. 


    Depending on the city you live in, solar installation is costly. However, people get to see great returns in less than six years. If you are planning to settle in your current home, do not hesitate to go the solar way. It even gets better if you install smart gadgets and solar in your house. 

    5. Smart Outlets and Power Adapters 

    Most people do not know that if they leave their phones charging overnight, the phone stops charging after it gets full, but the energy is still consumed. If you always leave your house wondering whether or not you switched off the iron box, it is time to stop. Smart outlets allow you to switch off power even if you are far away from your house. Some smart outlets even study your habits and switch themselves off in case you are not around the house. 


    If you ever thought that technology does not help in saving energy, you need to think again. Embrace technology, and use some of the gadgets mentioned in this article to reduce your utility bills. 

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