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  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Node JS

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    Before we get into the advantages and disadvantages of using Node JS, let me give you a brief idea about Node.js.

    It is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side applications. Built on Chrome’s V8 Java Script engine, Node.js uses non-blocking, event-driven input output model, thereby making it efficient and lightweight. Npm, Node.js’ package ecosystem is revered as one of the largests open source libraries of the world.





    Let’s quickly shift our focus back to advantages and disadvantages.



    Top advantages of Node.Js

    1.   Node js is fast

    Node js uses the V8 engine which is developed by Google for chrome. V8 compiles JavaScript into native machine code directly which leads to faster speeds and efficient execution of the code.


    2.   Java Script language

    Javascript language is used to code in Node js for both frontend and backend. As a developer, you are not required to learn a new server side programming language for Node js. Even a novice java developer can find it easy to work in node js platform.


    3.   Open source

     Node js is open source runtime environment and is free to use under MIT license. Node js is the cross-platform which runs on windows, mac, Linux.


    4.   Active community support

    Node.js Community is an inclusive network of developers who come together to discuss, learn and contribute to the various projects. This community is also active on GitHub.


    5.   Asynchronous I/O

    Node JS experts India firms use asynchronous programming. Every I/O operation is non blocking, you can do multiple operations at the same time. Users can easily send multiple mails, database operations and read files simultaneously.



    "A coin has two sides, similarly Node.js has it’s own set of disadvantages."


    Disadvantages of Node.Js:


    1.    Not suited for CPU-intensive tasks

    The Event Loop is the main feature of Node js, and there may be too many callback are running in your code. So Node js is not also suited for CPU-intensive tasks, if you are doing that it might slow your application.


    2. Not effective with large scale applications

    Node js does not support multi-threaded programming this is the reason why it is only preferred for the lightweight applications (online games ,chat ). If you are using it for heavy applications, your choice is wrong.


    3.   Inconsistent

    Node.js API has some consistency issues. Most of the times the new API comes with many backward changes, then the programmers are required to make changes in the code to make it compatible.


    4. Poorly supported to relational databases

    Most of the times relational databases behave strange while working with node js. If the issue persists, the developers can use No sql database(mongo DB) in Node js. It takes away the extra effort  to learn new databases.


    Want to know more about the Node.js platform? Do share your queries or feedbacks in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to help!        





    Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Node JS

 2 Comment(s)

  • 1.    Not suited for CPU-intensive tasks

    Node.js is not a GOD which improves the CPU performance in case of CPU intensive tasks. Look at your code how efficiently it has been written. Also, if you are creating a Server for CPU intensive tasks then mandate a high end hardware too.

    2. Not effective with large scale applications
    Use Redis and Socket.IO for multiple nodes (master & slave). You will see efficiency then.

    3.   Inconsistent
    Why to move to next version as soon as it is released. You should use the version at which you started your application unless you have to develop something out of the box. 

    4. Poorly supported to relational databases
    Don't even mention this point in disadvantages, world has moved from websites/webApps to mobile apps and mobile platform. Who needs Relational DB Management Systems (MSSQL / MYSQL / Oracle etc.) now for a new application. Everyone is moving to NoSql DB's.

  •  1. Not suited for CPU-Intensive tasks : 
    That right. But since Node8 you have the new N-API that make writing/impleting C/C++ code very easy. So no real reason to not use NodeJS as a high level interface of your C Code.

    2. Not effective with large scale applications.
    Multi-threading architecture is not efficient for scale at all...

    3. Inconsistent
    The NodeJS API is stable since Node6. But ok, Node.JS is still pretty young ...

    4. Poorly supported to relational databases
    We are not fan... (poor performance, poor flexibility). A database like RethinkDB is a lot better. I think relational database have no future (have to be replaced by document database and graph database).
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