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  • How Much Would it Cost for Node.js Web Application Development

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    Web application development has picked up the tremendous pace in recent years. In this area, there is a huge demand for Node.js web applications. Node.js is a solid part of the entire JavaScript ecosystem and the web development in entirety. Node.js is essentially a JavaScript framework which is a run-time environment where the developers develop apps. In order to know the cost of development of Node.js web applications, you need to look at different aspects.



    Being an open-source environment in order to execute the code as well as based on JavaScript language, Node.js has quite different use in case of browsers. To complement the browsers with their different web APIs, the Node comes with its own set of APIs for the purpose of back-end development. Being open-source in nature along with a package manager, NPM, it also contributes to the massive growth of this particular framework.


    Node.js has been used by best companies in the world such as Netflix, PayPal, eBay, Uber etc. You can leverage Node.js to build real-time apps like chats, IoT products, messaging apps, along with streaming data apps, classic web pages with the help of HTML, single page apps, web dashboards as well as APIs.


    What determines the Cost of Developing Node.js web application?

    Node.js is essentially a new framework where most of the developers have a couple of years of experience on an average. However, JavaScript is a popular language, so it isn’t hard to find the right JS developers who know about Node.js. Many developers often know how to write both client-side and server-side apps. Node.js community provides access to different code packages as well as modules which anyone can make use of to create certain functions. This assists in building web applications with swiftness and ease which saves the cost.


    Hiring right Node.js development company for web applications


    There are certain essential points that you need to consider which can help you in hiring the right node.js developer which will affect the cost.


    1. Creation of Right Job Description

    There should be a list of responsibilities as well as duties along with anticipated skills and the experience which should be clear as well as specific. It could also include company info, tasks, job description, qualifications.


    2. Prepare Right Interview Questions

    To filter out the worthy candidates for the technical interviews, the interviewers need to work only the right one. Check the problem solving and communication skills, ask questions with challenges not merely related to Node.js. It would be better if you decide to use node js consulting to compile a set of interview questions.


    3. Looking at Right Place

    Along with the Node.js community hub as well as Npm, there are GitHub, Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, and many freelance portals where you can find Node.js developers.


    4. Knowledge of Best Practices as well as Common Mistakes

    The apps and programs which are built with Node.js aren’t like the ones which are based on different tools or technologies. They require much more strategic thinking from the developer, and he doesn’t have to fall for most common mistakes like blocking the event loop, not to use supervisor programs, invoking a callback more times etc.


    As opposed to it, the business savvy technology experts also recommend that what you shouldn’t do when you hire node JS experts. It includes accepting only those candidates who have many years of experience, not including the Node.js specific questions in the interview process, limiting the search only to the local area and only preferring the full-stacks generalists rather than dedicated back-end developers.



    Now, you will be wondering the cost of development of Node.js web application after you have known what to look into a Node.js developer and what factors affect the development cost. When it comes to average salary of the Node.js developer, it is in range of $50,000 to $100,000 per year. For skilled developers, the range is higher. But if you wish to develop a web application on hourly basis, then you can calculate the cost of development by multiplying the total time of application development with the hourly rate. On an average, the Node.js developer charges between $20 and $40 per hour. In case your web applications take nearly 500 hours to 1000 hours of development time, then the total cost of Node.js web application will range from $10,000 to $40,000.

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