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  • Credit Control and Business Growth Tips for Entrepreneurs

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    Getting into entrepreneurship is the end of your life as you know it. You have the responsibility to ensure that your initial capital investment grows. To do that, you will have to look for debt or capital financing structures. Getting financing and giving your clients products and services on credit can easily run down your business and you must have the right tools and expertise to keep your business afloat within the first few years of starting out. Below are some Control and Business Growth Tips for Entrepreneurs:


    Timely payments


    This begins right from the moment when you can send out invoices at the right time. The best way to do this is through sending an email to the right person.


    As you demand to be paid in time, do the same to your creditors and pay what you owe in time. This is the most effective strategy employed by business with good credit scores. Paying off debt religiously is also cheap because you won’t have to deal with late fees and penalties. If you will ever need to apply for debt consolidation loans, you will find the best deals if you have a good credit standing.


    Debt consolidation loans are used to pay off your pre-existing multiple debts. This results in one monthly repayment that is fairly affordable. If you have many business credit card debts, you may opt for zero-balance credit cards that will give you the option of paying off the accrued amount minus interest for up to 18 months in some cases.


    Set clear terms on the invoice


    If you are to ever seek redress for your business, then you need to prove that the delay or default in payment isn’t your fault. The only way you will get your money back is if you stated your terms of service clearly. Start with outlining the number of days within which the money will be due, penalties and discount rates.


    Get advance payments


    If you are getting into a big business project in Las Vegas and its surroundings, cushion your business by getting an advance payment so that your suppliers get paid in time. It is also advisable to have contracts drawn up. Some of the best debt providers include: online debt consolidation companies, peer to peer lenders, banks and credit Unions, debt relief agencies, credit brokers, and credit counselling companies.


    Control of credit card risk


    Though invaluable, credit cards are the main cause of most financial difficulties. As an entrepreneur, your personal credit matters even more than your business’. While this is true, how do you prevent or lower your credit card risk. Let's look at some of the tips to manage it:


    • Setting limits


    It doesn’t matter how frugal every department seems, set limits to your business credit cards. By setting a minimal limit for all your employees, you will attain better control of your business.


    •  Undertake regular statement reviews


    Say you are looking for a means of controlling and repaying your multiple debts and debt consolidation springs up as the best option, how do you think the consolidating companies determine interest rate charges? They look at your statements to determine your credit worthiness. Regular reviews and an internal control policy must be implemented to verify details on the statements. This gives a bird’s eye view of your spending.


    • Substantiation


    There should be no two ways about this – all credit card charges should be substantiated with receipts to ensure that the transaction was legitimately business-related. While on this, you may consider employing a system that allows you to receive notifications in case of unusual activity.


    • Formal policy


    Draw a policy document with details of who is permitted to use the credit card and who isn’t. This enhances financial accountability. Initial and annual credit checks should be done as well for expense comparisons and budgeting.


    Are you wondering about where you can get the formal policy drawn up from? Well, LA has the biggest number of legal experts who serve as the bridge to the credit card company. In case of breach of contract, you can trust these professionals to get you out. All the multinational companies in LA can’t run without the right people, can they?


    In conclusion, the growth of your business depends on how you control and use your finances. Use safe debt and credit management strategies.


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