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  • How Employee Monitoring Helps Optimize Business Processes?

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    Employee monitoring includes the processes of monitoring, collecting information about, and keeping tabs on the activities of employee at the workplace. It plays an important role in improving productivity and optimizing business capabilities. In this process, data is gathered to further analyze the pattern and trends followed by the employee at the workplace. It gives a clear picture of the work standards of employees and helps analyze the profits or losses made by the business.


    How Employee Monitoring is Conducted?

    Managing business processes is a challenging and a crucial task for companies or organizations. Nowadays, companies are using Business Management Process software in order to monitor their employees. With BPM software, companies can optimize the capabilities of their employees for business growth.


    In this era where everyone is enjoying the benefits of technology, the business management process is serving an important role in seamlessly executing entrepreneurial operations. Such software tracks down all the activities performed by the employee at the workplace and helps improvise the work ethics to their highest potential. It allows the organization to synchronize its business processes with business strategies for maximum performance.


    What are the Stages of Business Management processes?

    There are five different stages of Business Management Process which are explained below:


    1. Design         

    At first instance, process design identifies the existing program and the process which is going “to be” in the business. This step examines whether the prepared theoretical design is perfect for the future business or not.


    Utilizing a good design, the company will reduce the number of problems over the lifetime of its business. The main objective of this step is to ensure a perfect and efficient theoretical design for the business process.


    2. Modeling

    After completion of design stage, Business Management processes tests the theoretical scenarios which involves changes in financial circumstances. It will show how BPM will carry out the business.


    3. Execution 

    With the help of BPM software, the management process will be implemented. It will use either of the two languages, that is, Business Process Management Notation or Process Execution language. These two computer languages can be directly executed by the computer. Hence, the execution of the process will be straightforward and easier.


    4. Monitoring

    During monitoring, the performance of the employee will be monitored through software. This stage will play a key role in taking the business process to the optimal level. With BPM, the activities of the employee at the work place will be under surveillance to generate information and statistics for the processes.


    Additionally, statistics can also be used to improve the connection between the suppliers and the customers. The level of employee monitoring will depend on the factors with which the business wants to deal.


    5. Optimization

    After monitoring and evaluation of the statistics, the necessary optimization is conducted. Every loop hole and bottleneck is resolved so that the opportunities can be maximized and a way for business progress made.


    How Employee Monitoring will Help Optimize the Business?

    Employee monitoring via BPM software will help streamline business processes in the following ways:


    ·         Less Errors

    By monitoring the activities of employee, the probability of committing errors will decrease. Having an insight on the work standards of the employee will enable the employer to rectify mistakes before they cause major damage.


    In case any employees need to focus on an important task rather than a low-priority task, then, the employee can be easily notified by the administration.


    ·         Less Time Wastage

    Employee gets the pay for working hours, but sometimes the workers waste their time by doing less priority work or by relaxing. In this case, the software can keep an eye on the actions of the workers and correct such time pass tendencies.


    If employees waste their crucial time in the office, the business cannot grow and make profits. With employee monitoring through software, the companies can avoid cash leaks and, hence, pay only for the productive tasks.


    ·         Higher Productivity

    The staff can become more productive in the business as the BPM will allow the staff to focus on the priorities. When employees do their job with focus, the business expands in the final analysis.


    ·         Security

    BPM boosts the security of the workplace by monitoring employees. Such surveillance system not only secures the staff, but also eliminates the chances of any breach. It keeps an eye on all activities of the workers such as search history, emails, call logs or information which can lead to data breach. BPM makes sure that there are no illegal or unethical activities going on within the premises.


    Some BPM systems can also locate the real time position of a worker using GPS. This can help to check the safety of the employee as well.


    ·         Employee Satisfaction

    Using BPM can hike employee satisfaction by ushering in clarity among the employees involved in various business processes. Clarity eliminates menial and repetitive tasks. Greater the satisfaction levels, more will be the enthusiasm and more will be the productivity.


    ·         Better Focus on Customer Needs

    BPM brings out the hidden insights and customer outputs which help in analyzing the client needs. It helps in fulfilling the customer requirements and improvises the business processes, which ultimately upgrade profit margins. For a business, there is nothing bigger than customer satisfaction. If the company wants to exist and flourish then focusing on customer needs is mandatory.


    ·         Better and Measurable Results

    Business management processes system can make it easy to evaluate the results after executing the business processes. It can identify the areas where there is a loophole in order to attain better results.


    Is Employee Monitoring Legal?

    Yes. Employee monitoring is completely legal as the employees are using the system, software and other equipment owned by the company. In case the company wants to monitor the phone calls, then the consent of the employees is a must as this action can hinder the latter’s privacy. For any activity which is being performed on the company owned equipment, there is no need of any employee consent.


    Author Bio: Mayank Bisht has more than three years of experience in SEO content and the latest optimization practices, I like to write on trending software and technology. I am a tech lover, and always look for the latest industry trends to keep the readers updated.

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