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  • How to create a real lips on illustrator

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    In this tutorial we"ll learn how to make a real lips on illustrator.


    Step 1: Open up a new document with any size. 


    Step 2: First we need to draw the shape of lips using pen tool.


    Step 3: Now select the upper part of lips. Goto object > Create gradient mesh an click on it, set the values of rows and column.


    Step 4: Now take a direct selection tool and select the individual node and fill the color manually. 



    Step 5: Select the lower part of lips and do the same process in that. 



    Step 6: Now time to make a teeth so make a shape of teeth and create gradient mesh. 




    Step 7: By using direct selection tool fill the color inside the teeth. 


    Step 8: Select the teeth and place the behind of the lips, So click right mouse button  and goto arrange > send to back.


    Here we create the real lips.



    How to create a real lips on illustrator

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