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  • Isometric-art

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    Hello Everyone,


    In this blog, I am going to elaborate on isometric art. Later on I will introduce softwares which are best to design isometric art. So let's start with this -

    First we clear our basics


    What is perspective projection?

    It is a view of 3D Image, which can be anything like an object, a Building, Billboards etc. This view depict height, width and depth for creating more realistic image or graphic.


    Image source:


    What is Axonometric projection?

    Axonometric Projection is also know as parallel projection which are used to create a technical illustration of an object. In this view, an object is rotated and projecting on one or more sides and axis over a plane surface. There are 3 main types of Axonometric projections as following:-

    1. Isometric projections

    2. Dimetric projections

    3. Trimetric projections


                       Image source:

    Origin of the term: Isometric is a Greek term for equal measurement.


    What is isometric view ?

    Isometric view is a 2D view of a 3D object or the whole environment. It mostly used in technical illustrations, such as architectural, engineering and gaming. It is very similar to perspective view, yet the axis does not intersect each other at a point and that is what makes isometric view different from perspective view. In isometric drawings, however, the lines remain parallel to each other. It creates an illusion of 3D without changing the dimensions and size of an object. Therefore, it can be used as a scaled technical illustration.

    By looking at an object from 120° in all axis you will an isometric view.

    Isometric illustrations has been done with three axes intersecting on a horizontal line; vertical axis, a 30° axis to the right and left. In isometric drawings each horizontal line is drawn at 30° and parallel to each other, and are either to the left or right of the vertical . Every shape in isometric drawings are not true shapes, they are distorted or scaled. All vertical lines in an isometric are always parallel to each other.


                       Image source:

    An illustrated object in which all three sides are drawn at full scale rather than editing them to the true projection. An isometric drawing looks like an isometric projection but all its lines which run parallel to the three major axes are measurable.

    We keep the rotation of an isometric object in a manner that other sides from a single perspective is visible, thereby creating a three-dimensional effect. In true isometric projection, the representations of the three axes are strictly oriented 120° to each other, whereas in other axonometric projection the angles may vary.


                                                    Image source:


    This technique has become popular for creating a 3D environment in 2D visuals with ease for different approaches of a particular project. There is no need for the system to scale the sprites or do the unnecessary calculations to simulate because these isometric objects do not scale when they move. This technique made 8-bit and 16-bit games (and, more recently, mobile games) to show large 3D environment very smartly and smoothly. And, a great isometric design can clear up the confusion for depth visibility of an isometric view.

    Isometric illustration are usually done in various softwares, Although, some designers likes to draw isometric-art through sketching.

    This art style has been passed down to create an illusion of 3D environment in 2D or 2.5D visuals.

    Few of the great examples:-


                                Clash of clans                                                         Crossy roads 

    image source:


    What is isometric projection?

    Isometric projection is one of the three forms of axonometric projection. In this form of projection all the angles between the axes are equal. In this method, the three principal axis will appear closer than they really are and angle of any two of them will be 120°.

                              Image source:

                             Image source:


    Difference between isometric projection and isometric view:-

    Isometric projection- the projection of an object is drawn to isometric scale and when the lines are drawn parallel to the axis they look much more closer then they really are ( 0.81 time ).

    Isometric view- The projection of an object is drawn to the actual scale when the lines are drawn parallel to the axis their measurement are dismissed.


    Image Source:


    Ok Everyone, so the key points we cover in this blog are :-

    1. Isometric projection of an object is foreshortened ( 0.81 time ).

    2. Isometric view is drawn on actual scale.

    3. The purpose of this method is to create 3d Content in 2D or 2.5D visual.


    And this Art form is in trend now-days and blooming in gaming industry from a very long time.

    So everyone, I hope this blog will be of some use for you in the future. In next blog I will try to cover more aspects of this art form.

    Feel free to share your feedback.



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