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  • How to create a smoke effect in illustrator

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    In this tutorial we'll learn how to make smoke effect.


    Step 1: To create a smoke effect, First we need to open a new document of any size. Make sure your color mode is in RGB mode.

    Step 2: Now goto the rectangle tool and make a rectangle on the canvas. Fill with dark blue color inside it. Create inside this rectangle.

    Step 3: Take a mesh tool and add the mesh point inside the rectangle. See the below image for adding mesh in the rectangle.



    Step 4: Take a Direct selection tool and select the mesh points and fill the different shades of grey color.



    Step 5: Take the warp tool and double click on it. open the warp tool dialog box. Set the value of brush size by 150px * 150px.

    Step 6: Now select the rectangle and deform the mesh by using warp tool as shown in below fig.



    Step 7: Apply the screen blending mode on the mesh.

    Step 8: Now create some more gradient mesh to get better result and make sure the mesh point can be re-colored by different shades of grey. 




    This is the process to make smoke effect.



    How to create a smoke effect in illustrator

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