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  • How to generate MD5 and SHA-1 fingerprints for an android application

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    By following these steps you can be able to generate MD5 and SHA1 fingerprint for your android application using command prompt.(It will surely work in windows7)

    1. First of all you need to get the paths for keytool and keystore.

      keytool you can find in the bin folder of the jdk version you are using i.e. in my case it is

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_04\bin\keytool".

      And keystore is basically of two types:-

      Android debug.keystore : which is used to debug your application on default basis(not preferred).

      Application "app.keystore" : which is used to debug your application in foreign devices.(created by you)(preferred).

      The path for android debug.keystore is common for all

      "C:\Users\Username\ .android\debug.keystore"

      And "app.keystore" is created by you only. Generally created inside workspace project folder, which in my case


    2. Now open the command prompt and type a command in a following way :-

      C:>"path of the keytool.exe" -v -list -keystore "path of the keystore"

    3. Press enter , it will ask you to enter the password. Now if used the android debug.keystore the password will be android and if you used application app.keystore the password will be the same you have entered while creating your keystore.

    4. As soon as you enter the password both the fingerprints i.e. MD5 and SHA1 will appear on your screen with in couple of seconds.

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