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  • How to use Intent to send data from one Activity to another in Android

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    Below I have written the code for how to send data using Intent in Android from one Activity to another.

    Intent i = new Intent(getActivity(), UploadWeldService.class); 
                i.putExtra("mCapturedImagePath", mCapturedImagePath);
                i.putExtra("mCapturedImagePath1", mCapturedImagePath1);
                i.putExtra("mCapturedImagePath2", mCapturedImagePath2);
                i.putExtra("mCapturedImagePath3", mCapturedImagePath3);
                i.putExtra("recordDataUrl", recordDataUrl);
                i.putExtra("deviceName", deviceName);
                i.putExtra("id", -1);

    Below is the code to retrive data that is being passed to the activity from another Activity using Intent

    protected void onHandleIntent(Intent intent) 
            System.out.println("One upload start ");
            String mCapturedImagePath = intent.getStringExtra("mCapturedImagePath");
                mCapturedImagePath1 = intent.getStringExtra("mCapturedImagePath1");
                mCapturedImagePath2 = intent.getStringExtra("mCapturedImagePath2");
                mCapturedImagePath3 = intent.getStringExtra("mCapturedImagePath3");`
              zipname = intent.getStringExtra("zipname");
            String recordDataUrl = intent.getStringExtra("recordDataUrl");
            String deviceName = intent.getStringExtra("deviceName");
            int id = (intent.getIntExtra("id", -1));

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