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  • I failed to customize array adapter

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    Answer it

    Problem facing in customization of array adapter

    I am want to

    1) fetch data from a SQL server 2008

    2) display fetched data into a list view.

    After successfully I tried to display data with a listview, I fetched two column data that's why I tryed to customize my array adapter where is the code 

    public class testlistviewAdapter  extends ArrayAdapter<String> {
     public testlistviewAdapter(Context context, String[] foods) {
     super(context, R.layout.testlistview,foods);
        public View getView(int position,View convertView,ViewGroup parent ){
        LayoutInflater joyinflater=LayoutInflater.from(getContext());
        View customView=joyinflater.inflate(R.layout.listview_adapter_file,parent,false);
        String singleFoodItem=getItem(position);
        TextView firstrow=(TextView)customView.findViewById(;
        TextView secondrow=(TextView)customView.findViewById(;
        return customView;

    and here is the code from activity part 

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