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  • IllustratorCC : Touch Type Tool

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    Hey Guys!!
    Here I want to talk about a new feature in Adobe Illustrator CC, which is new but a great & very much handy tool & its called  the "Touch Type Tool".
    Using this tool you can easily select a character from a line of text and change it's size proportionally, you can easily do horizontal and vertical scale and move the location of the text as well.


    Lets add some text here..


    Under the type tool  you can find "Touch Type tool" or you can find this on the top of of Character Panel. You can activate this by pressing Shift+T also :

    As i told you before this tool allows you to select single character from the text.So, select the character:


    Remember... i have just type the text, i haven't convert this to outline or to individual elements.

    I simply click on the character to select that & can scale in proportion without stretching, rotate or move from the original place.


    1.Scale the character:



    2.Rotate the character:


    3.Move the character individually :


    so very quickly i am able to take individual character from text & actually change their position.

    not only this but i can go back to my type tool & select the text & change it. It is remaining original text, so at any point i can make correction to the text.i.e.



    This tool is a brilliant graphic design tool in every way whether we want to create typographic layouts or stunning illustrations.

    May be now you are thinking that these features are fine but why this called Touch type tool? right!! So, this tool can work very well with touch screens as well. If you are using illustrator in touch screen then you can simply touch the text & turn them around or scale directly on the screen same as you do with your mouse.

    so i think this is one of the best feature in Adobe illustrator cc. I'm sure you'll also find this very useful as i do :-).




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