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  • Onchange in Odoo9

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    Onchange is the most important function for Odoo. The "onchange" mechanism provides a method for the client interface to update a form at the time when the user filled a value in a field, without saving anything to the database.
    For example you can see below code.
    content of form view

    <field name="amount">
    <field name="unit_price">
    <field name="price" readonly="1">
    # onchange handler
    @api.onchange('amount', 'unit_price')
    def _onchange_price(self):
        # set auto-changing field
        self.price = self.amount * self.unit_price
        # Can optionally return a warning and domains
        return {
            'warning': {
                'title': "Something bad happened",
                'message': "It was very bad indeed",

    Note-An explicit onchange warn about invalid values, like a negative number of seats, or more participants than seats.

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