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  • Simple Image resizing example in Java

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    Sometimes we need to resize image in Java to fulfil our requirement. You can use the below code to resize image in Java very easily:

    1. Define the dimension boundary of which you want resized image as below
    2. Dimension boundary = new Dimension(350, 350); // here you can provide custom height/width
    3. Get the Scaled dimension of the image you want to resize. In this method you will pass Original imageSize and boundary.
    4. /**
       * This method will retrieve scaled dimension of an image
       * @param imgSize
       * @param boundary
       * @return
      public static Dimension getScaledDimension(BufferedImage imgSize, Dimension boundary) {
          int original_width = imgSize.getWidth();
          int original_height = imgSize.getHeight();
          int bound_width = boundary.width;
          int bound_height = boundary.height;
          int new_width = original_width;
          int new_height = original_height;
          // first check if we need to scale width
          if (original_width > bound_width) {
              //scale width to fit
              new_width = bound_width;
              //scale height to maintain aspect ratio
              new_height = (new_width * original_height) / original_width;
          // then check if we need to scale even with the new height
          if (new_height > bound_height) {
              //scale height to fit instead
              new_height = bound_height;
              //scale width to maintain aspect ratio
              new_width = (new_height * original_width) / original_height;
          return new Dimension(new_width, new_height);
    5. After getting scaled dimension you can resize you image by using the below method:
     //Read the input stream to a BufferedImage  
       BufferedImage sourceImage =;  
     * This method will resize you image according the provided dimension
     * @param originalImage
     * @param type
     * @param changedSize
     * @return
    private  BufferedImage resizeImageWithHint(BufferedImage originalImage, int type, Dimension changedSize){
        BufferedImage resizedImage = new BufferedImage(changedSize.width, changedSize.height, type);
        Graphics2D g = resizedImage.createGraphics();
        g.drawImage(originalImage, 0, 0, changedSize.width, changedSize.height, null);
        return resizedImage;

    Hope this will help you.Good Luck :)

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