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  • Struts framework

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    The Struts Framework is used to develop Web applications or we can say that it is a standard for developing Web applications. Its features are as:

    1.It is an open source
    2. It is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC),

    MVC levels has:
    Model: Application state
    View: Presentation (JSP, HTML)
    Controller: Routing of flow of the application

    3.It Implements the JSP Model 2 Architecture
    4.The application routing information and request are stored in a single file, struts-config.xml
    All the requests are tracked by the Struts servlet controller to route the information and request.

    Struts Components

    It intercepts all incoming requests. Its primary role is to map a request URI to an action class. It's provided by the framework.

    The struts-config.xml File

    This file contains all of the routing and configuration information of the Struts application. This XML file can be find in the WEB-INF folder of the application.

    Action Classes
    Actions process a request and return an object of ActionForward that points the next component to invoke. They're part of the Controller layer.

    View Resources
    View resources contains the Java Server Pages, HTML pages, JavaScript and Stylesheet files, Resource bundles, JavaBeans, and Struts JSP tags.

    These simplify user form validation by taking user data from the HTTP request. Their role is like a "firewall" between forms (Web pages) and the application (actions). These components allow the validation of user input before going for an Action.

    Model Components
    The Struts Framework doesn't have any built-in support for the Model layer.

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