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  • What's new in latest Android studio version 2.2?

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    New studio version 2.2 has many features that provide developers vast range of functionality.


    1. Layout Editor 

    Drag and drop from widget palette ,new blue print of your layout,tools like auto correction.

    Properties panel  shows a curated set of properties for quick widget edits with a full sheet of advanced    properties one click away.

    2. Constraint layout

    This new layout is a flexible layout  for your app that allows you to create dynamic user interfaces without including nesting multiple layouts. It is backward compatible with API level 9

    You can easily design your UI to your liking and let Android Studio do the hard work.


    3. Firebase Integration

    Firebase is the new platform of developers services that can help you develop good-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money. You can add the firebase plugin inside your project using studio. To access the Firebase features click on the Tools menu -> Firebase.

    4. Apk Analyser

    Apk Analyser allows you to see the resources that allocates the memory like (dexer files, resources,third party       library) Select->build menu ->Analyse apk.

    5. Sample Browser.

    Code sample browser allows you to see the code sample of different classes just by one click, you not need to try google for the code samples.

    6 Manifest Merger View.

    You can view the manifest merger ,different manifest items ,where they come from ,the sources of classes used in manifest



    For more details and references: :

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