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help need please quick

Implement a C program that, using a modular structure, is able to handle simple strings. For that, implement the following functions. A function with the prototype int CountSpaces(char *str) that, making use of pointer notation on...

Getting Exception Error While Building a Discord Bot in Visual Studio

I am trying to build a discord bot in visual studio and while executing the code I am getting few exceptions errors. Pelase help me to resolve that. Below is my line by line code, please check and help me to run this code perfectly. using ...

how to consume wsdl web service using gsoap in c++

I am creating a login form for that, for the validation purposes i need to consume 1 particular web service. I am using Gsoap to call that web service , I followed all the steps and its generate .h files as well as all those stubs for the client ...

How to send emails in VB.NET using multithreading?

As I'm not familiarized with VB.NET I am requesting help for my last school project this year. So I have a ListView with many emails and want to send a certain message to those emails but using multithreading because If...

Database from VS 2012 to VS 2015

Hello, I would like to know if is possible to migrate a database from studio 2012 to 2015. I have an app done in the visual studio 2012 and I would like to open it in the 2015 with the db. Please let me know how or post me some links where I can...
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