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How to make Autoplay Hidden Div using JQEURY

Hello, I managed to make the div autoplay and show their respective hidden text. But now, how can I made the current play div to be in brown background just like when I manually hover to that div. Here is the codepen for you guys to see it. ...

How to Run One JavaScript Function After Other Using Delays

First things first, I added the JS to the HTML so I don't have to attach multiple files. Hopefully this helps.   I've been having some trouble running one function that slowly displays a message, waits, then fades out. However,...

Avoid Discrete Polygon Colliders in Spritesheet Animations

Scenario :- I am using a spritesheet with a few frames to run my animations in ImpactJS. As using large number of frames can increase my sheet size. Basically it is a shot playing animation in which I have applied Polygon collider to the bat wit...

How to set high velocity in Box2D

I want to throw an object in Box2d by applying a force vector, But it is limited to a certain velocity even if I Apply Force by a very high value? How can I achieve this ? For Ex:- I have to fire a bullet at a very high speed. var force = new ...

How to access frame numbers in Spine Animations

When using Spine ( JavaScript version. How can I access the frame numbers while the animation is playing as I have to perform some tasks based on them ?
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