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Does unifiedContacts(matching:keysToFetch:) return only unified contacts and leave out non-unified contacts?

When I use the Contacts Framework with Swift for iOS 15 using Xcode 13, when I use CNContactStore instance method unifiedContacts(matching:keysToFetch:), what happens to those CNContact objects that are not linked with any other CNContact objects...

How to extract bold text from pdf file programatically using PDFKit in iOS?

I am using PDFKit to display my pdf files. I've integrated the searching functionality but I want to search only bold texts/words.   I'm wondering is it possible to do what I'm looking for or does Apple don't allow it? ...

Stationary: CMMotionActivity object

I would like to detect the stationary state of the person.He/she is wearing an apple watch. I tried to verify this object, therefore I recorded the data coming from the apple watch while I was sitting motionless however stationary boolean looks u...

How to Prevent iOS Devices on AT&T Account to Silently Run in Supervised Mode

I finally stopped mooching off my parents family plan and set up my own account with AT&T and I noticed some strange things.  Somehow my account got associated with a discount program with the company I work for, which I definitely didn&...

Apple Pay - WEB Integration through Braintree - how to create Certificate for the Sandbox / Development Environment?

Hi, 1) I want to integrate Apple Pay on my website (so it's a Apple Pay - Web Integration), using the Braintree payment provider, JS as a client side language and Java as a server side language.   I'm having difficulties cre...

How to Add Custom Vibration Pattern Programatically

Im trying to implement custom vibration pattern programatically inside my app.kindly suggest any sample apps/ source codes  which we can add the custom vibration pattern inside code.I am able to bring the default vibration inside by adding t...

HOW TO COUSTAMIZE THE MPMoviePlayerController and play it in the collection view cell

hi How to coustamize  The  MPMoviePlayerController and play it in the collection view cell and the collection view contains 15 images and I want add this as a 16th element. How to get the frame of the video and when...

Please suggest a Random number Generation library for iPhone

We know about Mersenne twister algo for Random number generation but best implementation of the algo and where do we get good seed..

Extendable Tableviewcell in ios

Hi all, How to create extendable cell in tableview(By clicking particular row in particular section the cell should expand and to collapse),please help me. Thanks in advance

Simultaneous Microphone Access in iPhone

  Dear Members, Is it possible for two apps to simultaneously access microphone under iPhone. We want to develop a Skype recorder for iPhone but need to determine the possibility. In Android we were getting problem in shared ac...

Camera Zoom in and out problem

Hello everyone, Please help me . I am working on iOS + Cordova platform I am implementing Zooming functionality in Native iOS in Camera plugin. But in Which file I have to do that.. And i Want to Zoom camera within View. Please help guys ...

CameraPreview problem.

Hello Everyone, I am working on iOS + Cordova platform. When i clicked on camera button ,the preview is not coming.. Any thing i Have to add in JS file or CameraPreview.m file to interact to each other... Please help. I am new in Cordova a...

menu Slider

I need to set right side menu slider

How to add a Facebook plugin.. com.phonegap.plugins.Facebookconnect?

Hi i am making an iOS app using cordova Phonegap . I want to add Facebook plugin so user can register to Facebook. So i Did so many things but still not getting proper way? Please help guys Thanks

Facebook SDK in iOS + Cordova.

Hello everyone, I need Facebook sdk in my app. I want to upload pic's ... So how to get Facebook SDK and Code In JS.. Using Cordova + iOS.. Please help.. Thanks & Regards Kishor

Cordova + IOS

How to add Sqlite plugin using command prompt in iOS + Cordova app

Preview Window is not showing my cordova app.

Hello, I am making an app (iOS + phone gap) and using a camera plugin. When i open the camera preview window is not showing but click noise is coming of Button.?cordova.plugins.camerapreview? Please help Guys. Thanks

How to get Facebook sdks framework using phone gap cordova iOS app.. Please help.?

Camera button is there but preview(screen) is not coming in my app. Cordova iOS Please Help

Warning in my Project

How to remove this Warning ? please help 'cdv_base64EncodedString' is deprecated: Deprecated in Cordova 3.9.2. Use NSData base64EncodedStringWithOptions instead. This will be removed in 4.0.0 Thanks

ios automatically converting dialed number

I am writing code to make calls from the app.I am in India. It works fine for non toll free numbers. But for some number such as 18601231000 for BigBasket it is converting the number as +1(860)1231000 which when dialed comes as wrong number.But f...

Reading large files from NSInputstream is not working in ios

I am trying to read large Image file more than 300KB from NSInputStream. But i'm getting only upto 300KB. Other data are missing. Could you please help me if you know. i'm waiting for your valuable answer. I mentioned my code below : Call this re...

Basic Authorisation with back slash \ in username using Objective C

I have to use basic authorisation in my https request. I am using the following code : NSString *authStr = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@:%@", @"p5\test", @"password"]; NSData *authData = [authStr dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]; NS...

What is the purpose of using IBOutlet & IBAction?

As you all know that at compile time 1. All IBOutlet keywords are removed entirely. 2. All IBAction keywords are replaced by void because actions invoked by user interface controls are not expected to have a return value. The question then a...

How to improve my app using TimeProfiler?

I am using TimeProfiler for the first time. And I have read RayWanderlich's blog to get understanding of TimeProfiler. How I can improve the performance in my app. I am showing the screenshots from the TimeProfiler that might help in analysing...
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