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How to Assign Roles to Users in a Dataset?

I have a dataset with 912 users, with unique employee ids and 37 other variables.   Each user has specific roles to them.   So my requirement is whn a new user is entered in the dataset the model should recommend roles which...

How to Fix Cost Function in Binary Classification NAN as a Result in Python

I am quite new to both python and machine learning and I am trying to create an ANN for a binary classification model in order to determine whether something is faulty or not. When I run the code down below, the cost function seem to come up as n...

How will Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence impact the marketing in year 2017 and beyond?

Hello Friends! Can someone guide me about how Machine Learning and AI will impact the marketing in year 2017 and beyond?  

Memory error during clustering.

Hello Everyone, I have to do clustering on a data set, the size of my current data set is 10000 x 3 in form of tab separated value and the elements of data set are integers. For clustering was using MATLAB Artificial Neural Netw...

Undergraduate Project

Hey folks, I am very confuse about to choose a project that i have to work on this semester and the topics are right shown below:- 1- Data mining 2- Natural language processing 3- Machine Learning 4- Graphics You great people just give me ...
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