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model.FindById using MVC express js MongoDB pug is not working

model.FindById using MVC express js MongoDB pug is not working(no error is also showing/id wise data is not being retrieved), please guide me. exports.getViewownerdata = (req,res,next)=> { const OwnerId= req.body._id; const mow...

POST/GET Method not Working in Heroku with MongoDB / Node.js

I am deploying an small app that was working with my localhost but now on Heroku i am getting some problems with the GET and POST methods. I have tried investigating for several hours but haven't found the correct answer yet.   Bel...

Why MongoDB on Nodejs Shows Different Results

I want to add a comment object to an array in camps collection. When i console.log the array i find my added data. But then i check my data base, i find that the comments array is empty.'/campgrounds...

How to Combine Inner Hits Using MongoDB in Elasticsearch?

I currently have a dataset that features a nested datatype in products, these are all listed within different vendors. I have various queries that check for search terms within the nested products array, ideally I want to be able to combine all t...

Merging Panda Dataframes

I have two dataframes. One is user(UserID, Name) and other one is rating (srcUserId, dstUserId, RatingValue). I have to merge these two dataframes such that in place of srcUserId I get the name of the user corresponding to userid from user d...
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