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How to Remove Default Route in Ubuntu - Linux Query

I am using Ubuntu and I need some complex networking configuration like removing existing default route.   Thanks

Linux Not Connecting to Internet via USB Ethernet Adaptor

Hi there, I'm using linux mint right now, and wanted to use a usb ethernet adapter rather than the default-build-in-ethernet-card, but seems cannot get it to work.   I know that somebody tried to ask similar questions before,but...

error installing VBox guest edition to enable full screen mode for kali linux

installing vbox guest edition i get the following problems.. i need solution to troubleshoot. can any one hlep?? thanks in adv. #kaliLinux

Shell Script

HI everyone, I need help plz, to write a Linux shell script : write a utility program called spy that enables you to do just that. spy repeatedly scans the system process table, displaying processes that have started or ended since the last scan...

Apache: Difference between mod_proxy_balancer and mod_rewrite and which one should i use?

What is the difference between using mod_proxy_balancer and mod_rewrite?   Basically wanted to do url redirection and load balancing(without modifying the session) of traffic. When I type it should get redirected to ap...

What is reverse proxy?? How do hackers use it for denial of service attack?

I have gone through some articles and have noticed the term Reverse Proxy and have seen on various sites that this can be used for hacking and other activities which makes the server insecure. I would like to know how can we use the Reverse Pr...

Mysql database browsers not working after upgrade

needed version 5.7 of mysql server for a project. I upgraded from version 5.5 to 5.7 using this tutorial. The upgrade was successful and I am able to use the updated version via command line. However, mysql browsers (mysql-workbench as sqlyog as ...
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