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  • Maintaining Media Attachment in PIM-Web

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    Select the option in the context selection menu to access media attachments. All media attachments that have been created and exist in PIM Desktop are listed here in a hierarchical tree structure. The transfer of all attachments from PIM Desktop to PIM Web is 1:1.


    The user interface provided has the below mentioned configuration:

    • The navigation area contains the Context selection. The menu which is required is expanded that shows the selected option based on PIM Desktop content. Make use of the refresh icon to synchronise the contents of PIM Web with contents of PIM Desktop. 
    • A tabular view displays the existing media attachments with a thumbnail view. User can make use of the icon in front of the window title to add media attachments.      

    It opens a dialog box to load media attachments to PIM Web. Additionally, there are icons to perform multiple activities as well for instance:

               - Show the search line

               - Refresh the screen contents

               - Option for defining the size of the thumbnail i.e. small, medium or large


    • The detail view provides following information:
    1. Header : This lists the information regarding file name, format, created date and modified date for the multimedia attachment.
    2. Detail : This tab lists the technical information like color depth, resolution, size, height, width and the number of levels.
    3. Usage list :  Current media attachment links are displayed in this section. These attachments are categorised based on product, variant, item and structure group. Slection field can be used to filter the same.
    4. Image preview : Depending on the size of the thumbnails selected in the detailed view, user can scale the preview. It can be in accordance with the requirements to create a detailed impression.



    Referencing media attachments

    Media attachments can be referenced in two ways:

    1. By using a type of batch editing function
    2. By using direct selection of the media attachment


    Following are the steps to create image variants:

    1. Select the media attachment to be referenced.
    2. Select the relevant catalog in the pop-up menu.
    3. Select the relevant entry in the table.
    4. Click on the Media attachments tab in the detail view.
    5. Click on plus icon
    6. Either enter the relevant values in the fields or select the relevant entries from the pre-defined values in the drop-down lists.
    7. Directly select the document identifier.


    Direct selection

    Click on Choose element. Select the required media attachment from the new window. Confirm the message at the bottom of the window before closing it.

    • The document identifier is copied into the relevant field.
    • Choose Ok to confirm entries or Cancel to discard them. The dialog box closes.



    Batch editing

    Batch editing is used in scenarios where user needs to create multiple references.

    • Click on the Create another reference checkbox in the dialog box.
    • The dialog box remains open for further editing even after creation of first reference and confirming it.
    • Follow the same steps for subsequent references.
    • Once all references are created, click on the Create another reference checkbox again to deactivate it. Click OK to finish editing and close dialog box.



    Uploading media attachments

    Media attachments can be transferred to PIM Web in following ways:

    1. Using PIM Desktop and then updating the view,
    2. Using the Upload window to attach media.


    Steps to transfer media attachments using PIM Web:

    1. Navigate to the directory to which the user wants to upload the media attachments.
    2. Click on plus icon. A new window opens.

    There are two options for adding media attachments:


    Using Drag & Drop:

    1. Open a file manager window with the directory containing the requisite attachments.
    2. Select the entries and move selection to the window using Drag & Drop.
    3. User can exclude individual files from the upload by clicking on the associated cross icon.
    4. Click on Start upload:
    5. Close the window by clicking on Close.


    Using Add Files button:


    1. Click on Add files..
    2. Select the relevant file and confirm selection. Repeat the operation depending on no. of files to upload.
    3. User can exclude individual files from the upload by clicking on the cross associated .
    4. Click on Start upload
    5. Close the window by clicking on Close.         

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