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  • Why Organizations Choose Informatica MDM Tool for Business Growth?

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    What is Informatica MDM?

    MDM stands for Master Data Management. Siperian company was specialized in MDM and was acquired by Informatica later. MDM was integrated with Informatica’s suite of products Data Quality (DQ) and Power Center (PC). In simple words MDM is a technique which can be explained as Cleaning data, Enhancing data and Protecting data.


    Why Companies Choose Informatica MDM ?

    Informatica MDM is a trending tool in today’s world in handling and managing large amount of data within the organization. Following points are the reason why enterprises choose Informatica MDM Training.

    • It is a powerful platform and a flexible business model by which one can have a 360 degree look on any master data within the organisation and associated interactions with the data.

    • It can be installed quickly and sizeable multi domains.

    • It improves efficiency by reducing costs and improves business process.

    • Its extra-ordinary reliable framework improves operational management and maintains proficiency.

    • Its powerful user interface with rich page layouts makes the enterprise view, add and update critical data and relationships.

    Hence, most of the companies choose MDM tool because it integrates with different functionalities of the organization making it to be successful. It addresses responsibilities of various business problems and helps in selecting the right vendor.


    What Are The Master-Data Types In MDM ?

    MDM tool specifically manages the business information which is called as meta-data. Basically there are five types of master-data. They are

    • Meta-data : This is found in formal repositories like XML, databases, as a column description etc.

    • Unstructured data : This is found in pdf files, intranet, white papers and marketing.

    • Master data : These type of data directly falls under subject areas and domain fields.

    • Transactional data : this relates to application processing, invoices, transactions and deliveries.

    • Hierarchical data : This builds relationship with one data to another and has proper understanding of step-by-step flow of IT business solutions process.


    Process Of Informatica MDM In Organizational Growth

    As mentioned earlier, there are various reasons for opting MDM tool in business processes for an enterprise. MDM cleans and enhances the existing data in an organization and performs master cleaning to maintain data consistency and data updation. The following pictorial representation will give how the process of MDM tool works in an organization.


    List of Few Companies Who Have Seen Business Growth With Informatica :

    1. U.S.Air Force

    2. Amdocs

    3. A.W.Hastings & Co

    4. ACH Food Companies Inc

    5. ADP

    6. Adventist Health System

    7. Asian Paints

    8. Aspen Tech

    9. AARP

    10. AGL Resources


    How Will Be The Job Opportunities Or Career Advancements In Informatica ?

    Since two decades, Informatica corp. is into Data Integration services. As per the current Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Informatica is still leading in Data Quality, Cloud, Information Lifecycle Management, Data Integration and Master Data management. So, there are lot many companies who are still searching for informatica talents and remuneration also considerably high even for less experienced professionals, but it all again depends on the country. So this is a good opportunity for new entrants into the IT industry. In my opinion, Aspirants looking for a career change should opt for Informatica, hot cake in IT industry.


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