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    In earlier versions of PIM, the only way to select multimedia documents for manual assignment to PIM objects was to navigate using the category tree. The Documents view provided access to the documents in the selected category.

    In the latest version of PIM Desktop this view allows to search directly in the documents in the media portal. All algorithms from the media portal full text search are used and supported. The list displayed in the Documents view allows an item or a structure group to be assigned to a product directly using drag and drop.


    Multiple terms

    User can enter multiple search terms in the input box, separated by spaces. These are linked by And, i.e. it must contain all of the words.

    A search using multiple search terms returns results in the order of the hit rate. If all terms have been found in an item, the hit rate is higher than for an item in which only some of the search terms have been found. The hit rate is lowest where only one term is found or the search term only occurs as part of another word.


    Phrase search

    To ensure that a space is part of the search term itself, enter the term in quotation marks. 

    Example: Entering Home Office returns all items that contain the terms Home and Office. Use quotation marks - "Home Office" – to search for this specific phrase.

    Characters such as slash (/), exclamation mark (!), semicolon (;) etc. are ignored when searching.


    Wildcard search

    Search terms are entered in full the placeholder characters are used.  * (any number of characters) and ? (any single character) to enter part of the search term. If the search term begins or ends with *, the search is automatically carried out as a wildcard search.

    Example: Entering the term *ring searches for all terms ending in ring, for example Ring, Rubber ring, Spring.

    The wildcard search enables to enter parts of file names. The search term 123* returns all multimedia files whose names begin with 123


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