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Understanding Single, SingleOrDefault, First and FirstOrDefault

There are element operators provided by LINQ which are capable of returning single or specific element from a collection. These element operators can be defined as follows :-   Single : This element operator is capable of returning ...

Fetching Single objects in Rails Applications

Fetching Single objects in Rails Applications through Active records   While creating a web application in rails we often feel the need to fetch single objects from the database.  Active records provide us with a very good quer...

Difference between first & take in Ruby Arrays

Both first & take are applied on the ruby objects, they return the requested number of elements from the Array. There are some differences between them, and i have explained the major ones over here. 1) The method take always accepts an arg...

Applying limit and offset to array

In rails we can apply limit and offset to arrays in different ways. 1> Using "slice" method. slice takes 2 arguments, the first one being the "starting_index" & the second one is the "number_of_elements". syntax :- arrayob...
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