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SQL Basic Commands

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a language which allow us to access data or modify data from the database. Before proceeding towards the SQL we should also know about database. DataBase can be defined as the collection of multipl...

Difference between TRUNCATE and DROP in MySQL.

TRUNCATE TRUNCATE comes under DDL(Data Definition Language). TRUNCATE removes only rows from the table but the structure of the table remains same. Data can not be roll backed if we use "TRUNCATE" command to delete data. Can not use WHERE...

Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE in MySQL.

In MySQL, DELETE and TRUNCATE both are used for deleting data from table. DELETE DELETE comes under DML(Data Manipulation Language). DELETE can be used to delete a particular row by using WHERE clause. It is slower than TRUNCATE as...

How to delete data from a table in MySQL?

To delete data from a table we can use either DELETE or TRUNCATE. DELETE If we want to delete a record from table then we use DELETE FROM statement. Syntax: Below statement deletes rows from table on the basis of where condition, we...

Truncate text using CSS3

Hi , If anybody needs to truncate the text without any server side script then it is possible using css3. We just need to add following css to container of text: text-overflow:ellipsis; overflow: hidden; width: 200px white-space: nowrap; ...
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