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How to Check Keywords Ranking on Google Search Engine?

Hi Everyone,   I am facing a little difficulty in checking keywords ranking manually, getting errors while checking keywords ranking of my websites in Google. How would I know all the keywords of my website getting good rank&...

How and Where to See Indexed Pages in Google?

I am new to SEO and webmaster tool, How can I see what pages are indexed in Google? Where can I find indexed pages? anyone help me to know more about Google indexing.

What is the advantage of using Article Builder tool?

Hello All, I have heard about Article Builder Tool. Please tell me some of the advantages of using it in Search Engine Optimization. Is it safe to use?

Anybody using the IFTTT?

I have heard a lot about IFTTT in recent months. How to use IFTTT and What are some useful recipes that aids in marketing and brand promotion?

Will learning coding benefit my Digital Marketing Career?

Hello Guys,  Well I’m an experienced campaigner and carry 4+ years of experience in Blogging, Social Media and Content Marketing. Recently, I’ve started learning the coding /web development in my free time. Although it’s...

All about Affiliate Marketing Business!

 I’m planning to start affiliate marketing business! How does affiliate marketing works? How to start it?

How can we get Google Adsense approval for a blog site?

Paul, one of my close associate applied for the Google Adsense account for his eCommerce blog site but got the reply “Site doesn’t comply with the Google Policies, We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria&rdq...

Extreme variance between Fb ad campaign and bitly click links stats!

Hello Guys,  I’m a novice Podcaster who uses bitly links in running my Podcast campaigns. The links redirect either to the iTunes or Stitcher page.I am using Facebook ads to drive traffic to the podcasts. Since the day ads went liv...

Facebook Blueprint!

Anybody using Facebook Blueprint? Is it worth? How is it different from eLearning and other digital advertising certifications?

Social Media Audit

I have heard that after implementing your Social Media strategy, you are required to follow up and analyze, what you’ve implemented. Is Social Media Audit useful? If Yes, then how to perform a successful Social Media Audit?

What are the advantages of going for Online Advertising Campaign instead of marketing through TV, Radio and Print Media?

Actually I have an online book store and I want to promote it and want to reach out to the maximum audience. My budget for advertising is also very limited, someone suggested me to go for Online Advertising instead of marketing thr...

Is there any difference between 404 and Soft 404 Error? If Yes, Then Why They are Different?

I had often heard about Soft 404 error and bit confused why 404 error is called as Soft 404 error, so can anyone help me to know is their other 404 error too, if yes what is the

Your thoughts about Guerrilla Marketing!

I have heard Guerrilla Marketing is made for small businesses and doesn’t require a big budget. My new content marketing business needs social presence and media attention. Please share some great tips on successful execution of the guerril...

How will Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence impact the marketing in year 2017 and beyond?

Hello Friends! Can someone guide me about how Machine Learning and AI will impact the marketing in year 2017 and beyond?  

Converting a Webpage to RSS Feed

Is there any free service which can convert a webpage to RSS feed? I have used Page2RSS, but it is no longer there.

Is RSS dead? If not - how do you use it for brand and web promotion?

Hi all! How many of us are still using the RSS feed? What RSS aggregators are most efficient and widely used to promote business through digital marketing? Also many believe RSS is dead, do let me know why it is a waste of time? Thanks!

How to perform complete Twitter Automation

Hi, I have created a new business page and would like to gain some exposure through Twitter. What is the best tool to automate tweets, retweets, like, follow, unfollow people, etc? Thanks

What are some good Content Marketing Tools?

Im looking for some good content marketing tools to help me speed up my work flow and provide me with better quality content form my blog. Any suggestions please?

How to track my viral posts?

Kindly suggest some ways to track my most viral posts on Facebook so I could use that information to my advantage.  

How and Where to concentrate your ad budgets?

 Hey Guys! I’m in distress!   With a pretty small budget of around $ 60 a month, prioritizing an online ad budget is a cumbersome job. I would like to spend it more effectively. I currently spend the biggest percentage of my ...

What are the amazing ways to advertise about my affiliate program?

Hello Guys, I own an online ecommerce store and have opted for affiliate program to drive more sales. How can I promote my program and reach out to the maximum audience? Are sites like shareasale and commision junction worth signing for? Is th...

How can Facebook CPA increase without any change to Campaign?

I had launched a FB campaign to target the users, interesting in a musical event 15 days ago.   For the first week, I was seeing $0.45 CPA (people clicking Going to the event or Interested), the figure has drastically increased to around $2...

What happens when a person reports an offensive or abusive content on the Social Networks?

Reporting any piece of abusive content must be a remarkable task. I wonder what happens after a social post is reported.

What's the difference, if any, between "Boost post" and "Create Ad" on Facebook?

I am running a company page on Facebook and I have already boosted many posts. I am also researching for how to create an ad campaign but I am a little confused between "Boosting a Post" and "Creating Ad Campaign". &nb...

What is The Difference Between SEO and SEM?

As far as I'm concerned, It is pretty true that SEO is a part of SEM. But some people have their different opinion on this concept and they think these two are different terms.   Can anyone make me understand are these two terms SE...

What is the difference between an Ad Network, Ad Exchange and an Ad Mediator?

I have an online product for which I'm planning to run advertisements and for this I have heard about Ad networks, Ad exchange and Ad mediator but have confusion on their functionalities.   So, can anyone help me to understand thes...

How to refresh a Double Click for Publisher ad after 30 seconds?

Hello Nerds, In our game website, we are planning to use DFP (Double Click for Publisher) for monetization to control ad inventory and impressions. But somehow I can't figure out how to refresh ads after a set interval, let's say 30 se...

How can I use Reddit for marketing my business?

Dear Nerds!  I’m into E commerce business. I have heard a lot about Reddit. Please share ways to use Reddit to increase site traffic, conversions, mobile app installs. Thanks in advance

How is brand building done using Social Media?

I do see how marketers perceive Social Media as a good communication and consumer engagement tool. But the harsh reality is that majority of the social media channels including Twitter and Facebook don't have rich media formats to facilitate ...

Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

Hello Marketers, I want to know, how is an effective content marketing strategy helpful to achieve the business goals and what should be a good strategy to drive overall business forward? It would be great if anyone can expla...

Which Tool do you Find Best for Web Analysis apart from Google Analytic?

I have been working on multiple SEO projects and to plan a better strategy for them, I need to perform a thorough analysis of its competitors, audience, website technical aspects, keyword strategy & marketing plan. So, I'm looking for the...

Ranking the SEO better! Does the original content and updated website work?

 I have heard that the original content and regular website updation is important for the high SEO ranking. Is it true? Please explain how?

Which SMM tool you find better than HootSuite, Buffer and Sprout Social?

Hello, I manage different social media accounts for different products so, I Need a Single platform to work on all social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, G+ etc) for our products. Please suggest an SMM tool which you think is...

Is Email Marketing dead?

Everybody is talking about Social Media and all its offerings, many believe that Email Marketing is a dying breed, is it correct?

How can I get 5K real Instagram followers quickly?

 Please suggest the best ways to achieve it. Do not suggest buying from sites as they are fake.  Thanks in advance.

Can someone please help me to create a good Findnerd Profile to enhance professional network?

I have heard that FindNerd is a GREAT Professional Platform. How can I build an amazing FindNerd profile to enhance my professional network both globally and locally?

What is Grey Hat SEO?

During my daily research I came across ‘Grey Hat SEO. What are Grey Hat SEO techniques, are they riskier for a website?

Whats the better tool for small businesses promotion,Twitter or Facebook?

I plan to open a small business in coming months. What could be the better social media channel (twitter of Facebook) for my business promotion?

How can I increase organic search at my blogsite?

Hi Guys! I own a blog site. I read somewhere about improving organic traffic. Can you suggest some correct SEO strategies to improve the organic search to my blogsite. Thanks in advance!

What are the best Social Media Practices of 2016 to Boost the SEO Business?

As we all know Social Media has a deep impact on the search results. It not only creates a strong social presence but also improves the search engine rankings. Can you please suggest a few Social Media Practices to boost the SEO Business?

Effective Ways to increase email subscribers?

I am into email marketing. From few days I'm struggling to get the email subscribers. Can anyone please help me out with this. Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Is Affiliate Marketing a dying breed?

Over the years, we have seen a number of Google Algorithm updates that have adversely impacted the affiliate marketing business. Many of the marketing think-tanks have found a dramatic surge in traffic and the incomes that are generated from the ...

How should I combine paid, organic & social marketing into a collaborative strategy?

How should I combine paid, organic & social marketing into a collaborative strategy to boost my client’s businesses? Hi all, I am running an Internet Marketing firm and want to utilize this forum to understand the best marketing prac...

In what way is SEO organic?

Many a times, I have heard the phrase ‘Organic SEO’. It may improve the organic results but it's highly structured with stringent rules. Is SEO Organic? If yes then in what way?

Why is Social Media essential for modern day business?

Social Media marketing is the talk of the town. I have heard a lot about Social Media Marketing and its utilization in modern day business. Why is it so much essential? Are other modes of marketing and promotions fading away?

What are latest link building techniques in 2016?

Hey Guys, Can any one tell me the latest link building methods in field of SEO to increase the DA/ Page rank of a website. I know some old school methods like Social Bookmarking, directory submission, Blog commenting etc.. But I wan...

What are some of the best tools for cross promotion?

Searching for cross promotion platforms to enhance social media branding. Plz suggest some free tools.

Which OS Data visualization software/reporting tool should i use?

I am working in a startup, I need to visualize my data using either a reporting tool or data visualization software (both open source). I need to integrate this tool with traffic data coming from google analytics, click-cost data from google adwo...

How to increase comment karma on Reddit

Hi Guys, I am using twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ for a while but new to Reddit- Front page of the internet. My profile link is Reddit Profile Some how I am able to increase my Link Karma but my comment is Negative now. Any one ...
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